Graze Box Give Away

Hey friends… it’s my birth week. In true gift-giving fashion, I have for all of you one give away each day of this week. I am so excited because I have some amazing companies in store for you to learn about and hopefully make to be your new friends!


Let’s think for a moment what we want in snacks. Obviously we want delicious snacks that are healthy so that we don’t feel guilty. But how about convenience? I think that a lot of people head to the vending machine for very valid reasons… usually because they are hungry and they don’t have anything to eat.

An amazing company by the name of Graze Box seems to solve all of our snacking problems! Delivered to your door, Graze Boxes come with prepackaged and healthy snacks. These snacks are unique in their flavor and womderful in nutrients. Each snack seems to be well rounded in protein-fat-carbohydrates and also has a great boost of antioxidants.

The first graze box that I received had 4 snacks in it; Cookies & Cream, Hot Cross Yumm, Coco Paradise, and Mississippi BBQ Pistachios.

Cookies & Cream was probably my second favorite of the mix and full of mini vanilla cookies, white chocolate chips, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. This was delicious and a great prerun snack but could definitely also double as a great dessert!

Hot Cross Yumm was my least favorite (but please understand that it was still amazing) and packed with orange raisins, miniature sponge cakes and cinnamon honey almonds. I ate this as a “Dessert” one night but wasn’t loving it considering what I had early in the day {Cookies & Cream}. It was still a great mix of flavors, just not what my sweet tooth was looking for.

Coco Paradise was my absolute favorite. This prepackaged goodie had in it, Belgium chocolate, coconut and cranberries. I’m glad that they didn’t send me four of these in my graze box other wise I would have stayed home from the gym eating all four of these. I can’t wait to either get another one of these in my graze box or to recreate it in my kitchen!

Lastly, was Mississippi BBQ Pistachios. These tasty little bad boys were so very full of flavor and very filling. I actually mixed them with some of my roasted (spicy) chickpeas. These definitely kicked my afternoon cravings to the way side and had me feeling good to go for my evening workout.

It seems pretty common for people (especially young women) to spend money on monthly subscription services that deliver products to your door. If you have wanted to try one of these, or already are participate in a few, consider Graze Boxes. I promise you won’t regret it, and hey… you are doing something good for yourself! Also, this can be used both a subscription service or as a one time fun trial purchase. Graze Box leaves it completely up to you!

GB Giveaway

Two of you will be receiving a Graze Box as my birth-week gift to you! To enter this contest, leave a comment below or by clicking here, telling me what your favorite snack is. If you have had any of Graze Box snacks before, please also leave a comment telling us what you thought of them. The winner will be chosen (at random) at midnight then will be contacted by email tomorrow.

If you want to go ahead and try Graze Box, use the code “LeahM8YTP” to receive a box of your own for free. You will have to pay shipping for this, however it is still a wonderful discount!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and make sure to check back tomorrow to enter a new giveaway.

*** I am not compensated for this post, the company Graze Box does not even know I exist.**



28 thoughts on “Graze Box Give Away

  1. One of my favorite snack is pita and hummus. I’m a runner so I’m pretty muh always craving carbs but try to steer clear so a lot of time I swap veggies for my pita but not always. Also being a new mom I’m always looking for things on the go and things that can actually fill me up. Happy birthday Leah! I love your blog!!

    • Love this snack… I try to stay away from carbs after 2pm so I completely understand grabbing veggies instead. Have you ever tried lentil hummus? It’s delicious and a great way to mix things up. Thanks for the comment and you are entered 🙂

  2. I’m with you Joann, I LOVE Aussie bites! The problem is I have a hard time only eating one. So my other favorite snack is a fruit and nut trail mix. I love the combination of sweet, crunch and a little bit of salt.

  3. Happy Birth Week! My favorite snacks these days are dried apricots and the digestive health Planter’s mix (pistachios, craisins, almonds and granola pieces.) This Graze Box sounds pretty awesome!

  4. Ok, you guys all sound so healthy but I’m just going to be honest, my snack of choice is Lays potato chips. They’re so salty, that’s what I like.

  5. Happy birth week!!! I am all for stretching out your birthday as long as possible 🙂 My favorite snack lately is an apple and a few almonds.

  6. Happy birthday week Leah! If I have to choose, I would say my favorite snacks usually are any type of fruit (whatever is in my fridge) and as always guacamole & tortilla chips! ❤

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