Computer Virus

HI friends, I am so sorry that the blog has been so quiet lately. I have yet another computer virus and it is driving me nuts. To top it off, I am finished my classes (finals are in 3 weeks) and the minute I do get my computer back to normal it is all about my classes. I’m posting this from my phone – which is a terrible experience, but will hopefully have things back up and running shortly.



Have you heard of this documentary “Vegucated”? I recently stumbled upon it, and well I’m a bit of a sucker for documentaries so I went ahead and watched it. It was very interesting, possibly biased but all in all, extremely educational.

The premise of the doc, was to teach individuals about the farming (animal) industries and how it effects our health, economy and environment. The leading character explains that she was raised like most Americans; believe protein from animals should make up the core of our diet. It wasn’t until she moved to New York city that she learned a few things about the farming industry and little by little became more aware of the reality of this market and eventually became a vegan.

Via Craigslist, this woman finds 3 individuals who are willing to go vegan for 6 weeks and the documentary follows the individuals around. You see their passion for animal rights evolve, their struggles with being vegan, and also their health changes.

About 20 minutes before the documentary ends, some surprising statistics are shared, and quite frankly they seem slightly off. I don’t doubt the movie maker herself, but instead the source she gets the information from. My opinion on this is simply due to the fact that if these statistics were 100% true, I think more people would know about them. Especially since global warming is such a hot top in our society and this documentary includes much information on the topic such as, animals burping and farting (their gases) leading to global warming. They just seem a bit far fetch and the reality is that every private researcher has their own opinion and point, that they are trying to make. In this case these sources and researchers themselves are vegans and have that agenda.

At the end of the movie, the film maker tells of individuals who were vegans (Einstein, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks ect.) and it definitely plays on your emotions. It is as if the film maker it trying to suggest that good hearted people are vegans.

I would love for some of you to watch the documentary and let me know what you think.

I really love this documentary for one main reason; it brings up the conversation of personal belief and diet.

With saying that, if you had to sum your day-in and day-out diet, how would you and why do you follow it? Is it an emotional, spiritual, physical or mental decision for you?

Here is the Vegucated movie trailer link. I watched it through hulu plus but my guess is that this movie is out through many sources.

Vegucated Trailer



Hey friends… so sometimes computers get virus’. And all the time when my computer gets a virus, I get frustrated… like really frustrated! In fact this is pretty much what happens when my computer gets a virus.

  • Me: Coop, my computer has a virus I think.
  • Coop: Why hunny, what’s wrong?
  • Me: It does this phantom pop up thing.
  • Coop: Did you run the virus scanner on it?
  • Me: Yes, and then I just stared at my computer for no joke 20 minutes unable to decide if I should panic, ignore the problem or take a nap.

I went with ignore the problem… for 2 days – #oopsies. But now dear friends, it is fixed and I made sure to spend time yesterday brainstorming for this week. I promise to have quality info for you this week 🙂

Let’s get to this week then…

Here is the plan, despite my lack of Holiday Challenge talk… it is in fact happening. This is what my weeks looks like based on it!

Food –

Breakfast: 6 oz. of plain non/low fat greek yogurt with raspberries in it. 2 slices of turkey bacon or an egg.

Lunch: Tuna, Egg, Turkey or Chicken Sandwich on 1 slice of Sprouted Ezekiel Bread and some veggies

Snack: A Juice – Leafy greens, Carrots, Cucumber, Zucchini and Apple

Dinner: Tilapia, Salmon or Chicken with a side of steamed veggies.

Exercise –

Mon: Core Circuit and 60 min. Elliptical/Bike

Tues: Upper Body and 60 min. Intervals Speed/Incline

Wed: Butt and Abs Circuit and 45 min. Bike

Thur: Upper Body Lite and 60 min. Treadmill/Elliptical

Fri: Core Circuit and 60 min. Elliptical/Bike

Saturday I have hair to do, wedding stuff to finalize and a thanksgiving spread to make… so I will be doing zero exercising in the gym.

I am now on instagram as well as twitter to please link up with any questions or comments!

See you guys tomorrow 🙂



Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato fries

I love carbs… as in anything that has bread, starch or sugar. But you already knew that 😉 So when I am trying to stick to only vegetables, lean proteins and minimal beans, well the cravings get intense. For me, I find that the easiest was to curb these craving is to eat sweet potatoes. I’ve come to be a bit of a sweet potato genius (so humble of me I know), and one of my favorite ways to eat them is as fries.

The beauty of these fries is that they are not fried. They are soaked in warm water, marinated in coconut oil, vinegar, and spices, baked and finally placed under the broiler for just a few minutes.

They go so well with this sauce, however if you are not wanting to add any extra calories you can eat them on their own with lean meat that has been marinated. I especially like them with garlic and lime marinated chicken breast and a small greek salad f cucumbers, tomatoes and feta.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes


  • 1 Large Sweet Potato
  • 2 tbsp of Coconut Oil
  • 4 tbsp of Red Wine Vinegar
  • 3 tbsp Minched Garlic
  • 2 tbsp Parsley
  • 1 tbsp Salt


  1. Slice sweet potato into fry like pieces.
  2. Soak the potatoes in warm water for 20-30 minutes.
  3. In a large bowl, combine all other ingredients and mix them well.
  4. Drain water from the soaking sweet potatoes and place sweet potato fries in the large bowl.
  5. Mix potatoes with marinade so that the fries are all coated.
  6. Cover the bowl and place in the refridgerater for 2 hours.
  7. Once marinated, remove from the refridgerater and place on a baking sheet.
  8. Bake on 350* for 20 minutes, tossing and flipping the fries often.
  9. After 20 minutes, place the broiler on for about 2 minutes.
  10. Once slightly cooled, remove from the baking sheet and enjoy.



  • 3 tbsp Sour Cream
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 1 tsp Lemon Juice
  • 1 tbsp Dill


  1.  Combine all ingredients and serve cold.


Today is Veterans Day and to me this day is very special. Growing up I was extremely close with my Grandfather who was a World War II veteran. He passed away about 8 years ago, however the many things he taught me still remain.


Although my Grandfather didn’t talk much about his time during service, he spoke often about how our actions towards other should be. He was a humble man who loved deeply those around him as well as showed grace and mercy to all those who needed it. He was a hard worker, a loyal father and friend. He wasn’t afraid to stand up for what h believed in and yet still knew that there was a time and place for everything.

He believed in the salvation that only came through Jesus but always respected individual’s beliefs. He valued his Italian culture but was proud to be an American. His smile was kind and gentle, but his love for his family and country was strong and real.

My guess is that I just described to many of you someone you know, specifically someone who has served.

I think that veterans are a rare breed, that the ones who fight the scary, in the dark and often alone are the role models for this country. They give us a glimpse of the men and women we want to be. The often have the character we  strive to have, and they didn’t just fight for our freedom but often know and understand what is really means to live free.

We live in a country in which freedom is something that I believe we truly do not understand. Because we are blessed to have other fighting for our countries freedom, we lose our personal freedom. In fact, I don’t think most people even know what “personal” freedom is. However, I think our lack of personal freedom is a factor into the way our society is currently living.

Personal freedom is the ability to walk freely day-in and day-out from our selves. Our mistakes, past, fears, unhappiness, struggles and secrets. What is the point of individuals fighting and often sacrificing their lives if we as citizens do not understand how to live fulfilled and fulfilling lives. Today, I urge you to honor freedom and those who have fought for it in a new way, live free. Not in the traditional sense, because this country has been free and by the grace of God will continue to be free. But be free from yourself, live a life today that is fulfilling and that fulfills someone else as well.  Forgive yourself for your past, crush your fears and tell your secrets.

My grandfather did not only fight for this country because he wanted his children and grandchildren safe, he fought for this country so that we could have lives that were satisfying all while beneficial to others. He fought for this country so that happiness was not a choice, but a reality.

To all of the veterans today, thank you for fighting, for teaching us how to live and for teaching us that life isn’t just about being safe. Happy Veterans Day.


Potcrock Pet Peeves

I feel like most of the time that I log onto pinterest, I see a dozen or so crock pot recipes. I am so very over the crock-pot… it’s just , done.

I feel like there are some definite recipes that need a crock-pot… soups, chili, maybe even a tender roast, but not everything belongs in the crock-pot. In fact, cooking things that are your source of fiber (vegetables and rice) with oil and other fats for long periods of time actually ruin the nutritional value.

I understand that moms are busy, that a crock-pot is probably the easiest part of your day, but it’s actually doing you a disservice.

There is a blogger who is so fabulous, she focuses on saving money, character building in her children and being a great mom and I truly appreciate every bit of who she is. However she post recipes that are not healthy, in fact, there are about a few thousand of her. And she is starting to kill me! I hear all the time from busy mom that they are eating “clean” or “natural” because they want to improve their health as well as their child’s but come to find out, they are making crock-pot meals about 4 times a week.

Some of the things I’m talk about are as follows…

Tortellini Crock-pot Soup

Cheesy Ranch Chicken Crock-pot Meal

Crock-pot Chicken and Stuffing

Ham and Potato Crock-pot Soup

– all links found via pinterest

I’m sure these recipes are delicious and I’m sure they are easy, but please beware of the “crock-pot culture”. More often then not, you pay the price of nutrition for convenience. Be cautious when planning out your meals for the week of how many times you are whipping out that crock-pot and more importantly what the major ingredients are that you are putting in that crock-pot. So many of these recipes call for large quantities of fat (sour cream, oil, cheese) and these make a big difference in your day-in and day-out calorie consumption.

Are you a fan of the crock-pot meals?

If so, what recipes have you tried out to find them successful?

Of the recipes you may have used, which have you found to be the healthiest?

The Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope yours has gotten off to a better start then mine… I’m officially over technology (something that is heard often from this mouth) and I’ve only been at the week for about 4.5 hours. This one may not end well, for technology, not me 😉

Anyways, this is the first Monday check in concerning our Holiday Challenge and I’d like to go over a few things.

First off, I am realizing that the more I plan, the better I do. This is in regards to everything from the food I eat to the exercise I do, shoot even my blogging. This isn’t really new news, but I think I am just realizing it and embracing it a bit more. And it definitely isn’t something that just has to do with this challenge, in fact, my mom has been saying for years now that I like all my ducks in a row and that eventually life is going to happen to me in a specific way that will not allow me to have things my way. But anyways, that really has nothing to do with right now!

I am currently sitting at Barnes & Nobles and this isn’t the first stop of the day to get some internet and quite work time. I tried a few other places today with no positive results.  I am very much over computers and anything that has to do with them!

Back to the planning… If I can plan, I can succeed! Last week I did great with my eating. Things went something like this,

  • Breakfast: Greek yogurt with fruit and then a protein – think turkey bacon or a hardboiled egg
  • Lunch: Large salad with protein, turkey lunch meat, hardboiled egg, and possibly a piece of fruit
  • Afternoon Snack: Pistachios or Hard Boiled egg – this simply depended on how I was feeling about protein that day
  • Dinner: Lean protein (Venison, Salmon, White Fish) and lots of veggies – think 2-3 Cups

By Thursday, I was starving! I ate some popcorn that night and then Friday I ate all of the above in terms of breakfast.

My workouts ended up looking like this

  • Monday: 60 min. treadmill
  • Tuesday: 45 min. elliptical and 20 minutes chest/triceps
  • Wednesday: 20 min stair stepper, 20 min bike and legs workout
  • Thursday: 20 min bike, 20 min treadmill, 20 min elliptical and back/biceps workout
  • Friday: Baby Workout

Friday I had children with me from 8am – 6pm. So, no joke I used the youngest (my niece) as my workout and lifted her up probably more than 100 times to do some upper body work and then used her as added weight for some core work. No Shame!

Things went so very well until Saturday and Sunday in which my world seemed to crash down with errands, technically difficulties (my phone) and then a baby shower on Sunday.

I’ll be honest in saying although I don’t even remember what I ate, I know it wasn’t good. This morning, I was actually eager to eat my yogurt and go to the gym!

How did things play out for you this weekend?

Did you notice anything about your efforts that you will have to adjust to and make changes concerning if you are going to reach your goals?