Catching Up

Where has this summer gone? Where did I go? And where is the sunshine?


(These last few weeks have been terribly uncomfortable, but I honestly think I have done tremendous growing in every part of my life)

The last time I had anything to say on this blog was right before my wedding shower… I think that’s when it was. Anyways, so very much has gone on since then!

My mom threw my guy and I a wonderful shower. So many people came and were terribly generous with love, encouragement, excitement and gifts.


Just shy of 48 hours later… we were headed to Nashville to pack up his things and go check D.C. out for the 4th of July weekend.

The trip to D.C. was short, but great! It included us seeing an amazing 4th of July parade, finding (with the wonderful help and grace of family members) a place to stay through the end of the year AND the realization that I know next to nothing about our country’s history.

white house

I was wonderfully excited when I saw this building, because… well, I thought it was the white house. Also, this picture isn’t staged… it really did happen and my sweet fiance had to deal with me all day because this wasn’t the only landmark I was very wrong about.

The trip back to Nashville was TERRIBLE!!!!!


There were not enough hypothetical questions in the world to keep me entertained and I’m positive my main squeeze was sick of hearing me “belt out” show tunes. At one point he turned some rap music on and I decided to take a nap. Looking back, this may have been a strategic move on his part. If so, well played honey 😉

The next day (Sunday) I hopped on a plane and headed back to the mitten but not for long.

By the middle of the night Wednesday/into the wee hours of the morning Thursday, I was back in my car on the road again with a few of my siblings in tow. They came to help get the fiance moved to D.C. as well as drive a vehicle there. The trip down was wonderful, and definitely filled with memories. At one point, we had to stop somewhere in the armpit of America, ummmmmm… I mean Ohio (they need to increase their speed limit) so that I could change my clothes because mid laugh, while I was driving mind you, I managed to spill/spit our my green juice all over myself and my car.

Once we were in Nashville, we got situated in cars/moving trucks and headed to D.C.

The trip there was made a bit more fun via walkie-talkes and code names, music and the questioning of my sister and my knowledge via questions that quite frankly we just couldn’t answer about things like the bill of rights, the real reason for time zones and many other unrealistic topics.

Once we were to D.C… alot of this happened.

photo bomb 2

Followed by a lot of this…

photo bomb

It seemed like in no time at all, we were back in my car headed for Detroit.

On the way home, we got a little surprise though. About half way back to Michigan, we came to the realization that my soon to be hubbies badge for work was in my car. This badge… it’s kind of a huge part of his job and he can’t do anything without it. In fact, if he didn’t have it by the next morning, he wouldn’t be able to start his new job that we moved many states for. So, yeah… it was kind of needed a.s.a.p.

Which meant… I was dropped off at the Detroit Airport by my siblings to search for a flight back to D.C. There weren’t any… I’m not even kind of kidding when I tell you that I couldn’t get on a direct or connecting flight from Detroit to D.C. or it’s 3 surrounding airports.

My heart broke and I sat in the airport crying and exhausted knowing that this meant I would have to drive back to D.C. and I would have to do so immediately.

I felt like I was seriously over reacting in this situation but I was SOOOOOOOOO tired. I wasn’t yet really over my strep, let’s just say that my hormones were raging a bit, and I had travel a lot in the last 2 weeks. But it had to be done.

My dad came to my rescue quite a bit and came with me. Actually, he drove there. This was a HUGE blessing because it meant I got to nap for an hour in the back seat of my car.

We made it to D.C. just 20 minutes before my guy work up to go for work and I’m pretty sure my dad and I were were both asleep before we even landed in beds.

Three and a half quick hours later, we were back on the road to Michigan. Technically we could have stayed a night there but I had this gut feeling that if we did, I would seriously regret it in the coming days.

Let me tell you…. I am SO happy we didn’t stay. I cam home to a beckoning to do list for the wedding I had ignored for the last 2 weeks as well as the preperation for my sweet nieces first birthday party.

One week later, everything got done… by man oh man was it a struggle.

Every bit of it was worth it though to hear about my soon to be hubbies new job and how he is loving it as well as the wonderful birthday party for my little munchkin of a niece.

In fact, here are a few pictures of just how great it was.

bd girl


And finally… the picture and shows her personality best!


So back to those questions… where has this summer gone?

The answer: to enjoy life because it cou;dn’t do so if it hung around with me these last few weeks.

Where did I go?

To Nashville, the D.C., back to Nashville, home to Detroit, then again to Nashville, back to D.C., Detroit, D.C. and finally back to Nashville.

Where the heck is the sunshine?

I have no idea… I asked the farmers almanac but I got nothin 😦

Have a happy Hump Day friends and let me know if you want to keep me company when I go back to D.C. in a few weeks to make my final move before the wedding!


Is Butter a Carb?

The first time I ever heard that fat wouldn’t make me fat was about 6 years ago. I was told so by my chiropractor and after a quick 2 min. conversation about biology, I was on board…. because, well, it made sense.

Now, I must say that in high school I had a dear friendship with the atkins diet so converting me wasn’t difficult. And honestly, to this day, I hold butter close to my heart and at times seriously struggle with hating sugar the way that I should.

All of this is really just to say…….


The 80’s ruined our nutrition knowledge ability… actually the 80’s set us up with terrible nutrition knowledge.

According to the 80’s… fat makes us fat, sugar is healthy for us, you get heart disease by eating cheese and the only way to lose fat is to run all day everyday.

Without getting into the politics of it… the 80’s did a disservice in terms of understanding food and nutrition.

So let’s tackle one of the misunderstandings of that time… Butter!


Most people think that butter is not good for you and that it clogs arteries, makes you fat and will give you a heart attack… but all of those things are false. Not only are those things false, there re many great benefits of eating butter that people usually are not aware of. So let’s look at a few of them…

1. Butter is rich in specific vitamins categorized as fat-soluble. Fat-soluble more or less means that the vitamins cannot exist without fat. These vitamins include A, E and K. As long as you are eating a diet that includes BOTH meat and plants, then you are probably getting vitamin A and E, however K is a bit trickier. Luckily for all of us, Vitamin K can be found in butter and this source is an extremely quality source of Vitamin K.

2. Butter is full of HEALTHY saturated fats. More and more science is coming out saying that saturated fats are not quite as evil as we thought. In fact, good and healthy saturated fats increase your good cholesterol and decrease your bad. Healthy saturated fats also contain medium chain fatty acids which are metabolized into energy immediately.

3. Glycospingolipids… say that 3 times fast. What in the world are these you ask? Well they are a specific category of fatty acids that do wonders in your intestines. Without glycospingolipids, we are at high risk of infection within our gut. Take for instance a child who has diarrhea often, there is a really good chance that by switching their reduced fat milk to full fat, or by adding more butte into their diet, that the diarrhea will stop. Without glycospingolipids, the “bad” bacteria in our intestines can out grow the good.

4. Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iodine and Selenium. These are all powerful minerals that butter is rich in and before you start thinking that you don’t need to eat butter because you take a mineral supplement, think again. Butter is the richest form of iodine when it comes to intake from food. IN other words, butter is very powerful for your mineral deficiency.

5. Cholesterol isn’t the bad guy that everyone has been making it out to be! WHAT?!?!?! It’s true, and if you don’t believe me check this out, this out, this one and then this one. I told you that the nutrition lies of the 80’s ruined us! Anyways, since cholesterol isn’t bad for us and we have all been eating fake food (low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol, sugar free, fat free and so on) for like ever, we all are in desperate need of REAL and QUALITY sources of actual food. If you are looking to increase the amount of cholesterol in your body (this may be a reason as to why you are struggling to get pregnant or stay pregnant as well as breast feed and recover from birth) butter is a wonderful source.

I could go on, and on, and on about how we should eat butter. However, unlike kale, chia seeds and kombucha… butter is a bit more appealing to the eye/taste buds. 5 reasons as to why you should is let’s face it, more than enough reason to go and eat butter.

*** To get the proper nutrients and benefits of butter, try to buy organic butter that comes from grass fed cows. Before you think you can’t find this, I have found it at Kroger, Whole Foods, Aldi, Meijer and Harris Teeter, in fact, Walmart now carries it as well. Also, butter should be used in conjunction with REAL food… think vegetables, eggs, fish, meat and in your not very often baking. White toast in the morning with butter all over it followed by smuckers jelly doesn’t count as a good use of this post and information***

Running Thoughts

My handsome fiance and I made a packed that we would both run 100 miles in the month of July. So far…. so good!

My original plan was to do 3 miles a day and then to throw in an extra mile here and there to get those extra 7 miles in throughout the month. I am feeling good (no past injury pain) and am enjoying my “me time” outside. But guys… this girl cannot turn off her brain. It seems that no matter how loud my music is or how breathy I am, the thoughts just keep coming. So I thought I would share them with you….

MT during MR

“My shorts are riding up, my shorts are riding up, my shorts are riding up, Oh hey… look at that cute puppy, my shorts are riding up”

“I don’t think Luke Bryan is singing about the type of shaking that is currently taking place, in his song Country Girls.

“Think up something really cute to use in an instagram picture later so you can brag to the world that you went running…. oh wait, no don’t do that! You need a picture for instagram and no one needs to see you running, or the aftermath that occurs when this running is over.”

“Oh hey, look… my socks don’t match.”

“I have waved at that lady for like 2 years now while running and she still doesn’t wave back… I only have 9 more weeks to get her to wave at me before I move. Maybe I should smile bigger, or maybe I should say hi… or maybe I should just keep running.”

“I wish frozen cheese sticks tasted like Ice Cream.”

“The Jehovah Witnesses are on that side of the street… don’t go over there Leah, you will stop and talk to them and you really need to finish this run. Oh, who am I kidding, go over and talk to them…. they are SO nice!”

“When I get home I am going to drink like 6 glasses of water, it’s going to be amazing. Ut-oh, now I have to go to the bathroom. Stop thinking about water!”

“I hope someone on this block has their sprinkler on.”

“I wonder if people outside of America go for runs? I wonder if they have gym memberships? I wonder if they need to do their laundry tonight?”

So what do you think about when you run? I have a feeling that a lot of people think about some what similar things, but probably on a less ridiculous level. If you are a runner, do you use this time to “work through life”? I’ve heard of this before, but clearly it has never occurred.


Dear Donna

Dear Donna

Sometimes life brings you remarkable people who inspire and motivate you to be a better person. This person is often broken, yet hopeful, in messy situations but full of faith.

This last Saturday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with a woman who was all of the above. She was refreshing and full of love, grace, mercy and dedication. I left this conversation with this amazing woman with a new hope for my coming marriage. I left this conversation hoping to be a gentle and vulnerable woman in the name of Love and in the name of God. She made me want to do the hard things in life so that I could be a little bit like her… a strong yet beautiful woman who’s love for righteousness radiates out of her.

This woman’s name is Donna, and when I looked up the meaning of her name, I was in a to say the least. The name Donna is of Italian origin is a term meant to explain a woman, but not just any woman. The name Donna is only used to describe women who are respectable woman, and that name my friend is beyond fitting for this woman.

The thing is though, that Donna isn’t the only woman I know who is doing hard things in life.  Donna isn’t the only woman I know who is a woman who deserves respect.

Donna is you… a woman who lays down daily her desires and wants for the needs of those around her. Donna is the mother who is breastfeeding when her baby is a year old despite the fact that she could be spending that time painting her nails, doing laundry or spending time with her husband. Donna is the wife who cares for her husband in his poor health despite the fact that he hasn’t always been kind to her. Donna is the woman who always answers her best friends phone call even though that phone call almost always ends in tears over life being, well life. Donna is the sister who drives you to the doctor when you are to sick to take yourself there. Donna is you!

The thing is, that in our society… Donna’s aren’t celebrated. Woman in general are not encouraged, uplifted and loved the way they should be for all that they are doing. But that hopefully stops here. I am terribly excited to announce that with the help of a follow blogger and through the inspiration of Donna, every Thursday, here on my blog, there will be an open letter to woman who are doing hard things. My goal is to provide a space in which any woman, at any time, can come and feel appreciated for the hard things she is doing in life. Dear Donna is a way for us to provide support to women everywhere who are giving their all for others and her are being respectable and loving women.

So back to Donna, the original Donna that is…

Dear Donna,

Thank you for being a role modal of what love is. Thank your ro showing women everywhere that love doesn’t stop when passion stops, but instead real love, true love only begins when passion ends. Thank you for giving of yourself everyday in the name of God and His love, grace, mercy and patience. I look up to you and your willingness to be full of faith and hope in a situation where many would give up. Your strength and dedication to marriage, family and righteousness is something that should be praised and spoken of in a way that brings glory to God. Thank you for being you!
Women everywhere!

If you would like to join in, if you would like to celebrate the Donna’s in your life, please contact me and I will get you all the information needed to be a part.





July Goals

June was a wash for me… I had big plans, but only about 2 of the 1,000 I had panned out. I’m actually in Nashville right now (saying Good-bye to my favorite city in the world) and headed to the D.C. area on Thursday. And… I’m feeling sick 😦

It seems to be that my strep throat I had a week ago is resistant to the antibiotics AND steroids I was on so I am going to see my handsome fiancée doctor tomorrow in hopes of getting things finally figured out.

In the mean time… I am making new goals for this wonderful month. So I thought I would share them with you!

July Goals

Do you have any goals for this month?

Have you ever had a sickness that is resistant for antibiotics?

I am considering going the holistic route with this throat situation… have you ever done that if so how did you go about it?