A Year Of….


Yesterday was my birthday, which meant one year ago yesterday I posted this.

Man oh man, did I have plans for this last year! But truth me told, the only plan of mine that I saw come full circle was to get married. Everything else I had planned on doing went straight out the window. Literally every detail of my life that I have planned out for the last year, well the exact opposite has happened. Which makes for quite a year of learning, growing and well being uncomfortable.

So when yesterday rolled around, I did my annual “How have I grown?” segment of living the life of an over thinker, and realized that this year has been a HUGE success. Not because I have much to show for it, but because I survived.

Here I am embarking on 26, with a baby on the way, a husband who doesn’t sleep (pregnancy insomnia… ugh!!!) but pretends he isn’t tired, we are living in yet another new city, own a dog who thinks that she owns me and are surrounded by group of people who I can say support me and love me for who I am no matter what.

My plans have seriously taken a back seat to my life this last year and I wouldn’t change any of it… not the hurricane, not the moves, not the very surprising pregnancy, not the extreme morning sickness and not even the whole taking a dog out 15 times a day thing.

So… I’m back, whatever that means! I have no plans but to show up and share with you, hopefully shed some light on nutrition and food once again as well as encourage you to do just what ever it is that you have been dreaming and wishing of. I am also transitioning into this kind of huge thing called motherhood here pretty soon so I would imagine that the pictures will get cuter and the content of this “blog” (using that term lightly here) will be changing a bit. But hey, what do I know… I could not show up again for months on end!

Today I am sending a very courageous email… one that I have been thinking of and dreaming of (literally and figuratively) for months now. It’s my first step back at showing up, doing what I want to do with life and not being afraid to fail. Can I encourage you to do the same? Whatever it is that is in your heart and mind, you are more than capable of achieving and pursuing it… so do that hard thing today and be thankful that we have hard things to do in life, it means we are growing!

I’ll be back tomorrow to share with all of you a recent DIY project I did to help myself stay on top of cooking healthy and yummy (I’m still a picky pregnant eater) meals in a way that is super easy!