For Now

I’m not sure why, but my readership has drastically dropped. I recently did a massive giveaway that was open for more than a week to only have two people enter. At first, I was close to devastated, but then I realized something… it doesn’t matter.

Now that I have a child, all of my time is accounted for. I have been squeezing in time here and there to attempt to keep things up here and after realizing the above, I have decided it is time to say good-bye. For now that is.

I am giving myself until December 1, 2015 to see how life is away from the blog world. I have deactivated my Facebook account, will stop reading blogs and instagram is no longer on my phone. I have no idea what I will want to do come December 1st, but of snow I am stepping away and doing so with a smile on my face.

I wish for you good health and a great rest of the year!!!

xo, Leah

p.s. those who entered the giveaway have been contacted and are getting any and all of my services for free

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