Happy December

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Did you know that it is a myth that more suicides happen in the month of December than any other month…

The truth is that more people experience depression in the month of December than any other month.

I’ve written about Depression before here and it most definitely is an illness that our society sees to much of. So how can we as individuals do something about our own mental health as well as others help others this month in hopes of creating a better December for ourselves as well as those around us?

We can start by focusing on doing little things everyday to live this month based on what really matters. It seems like December is a month in which we all spread ourselves thin in every area possible… mentally, emotionally, physically, financially. It’s as if we all have to become super people every day to meet non-realistic goals that the month of December presents us with. But this year… I am going to ignore all of those non-realistic lies and enjoy this month for everything it offers. And this is how I intend on doing so.

December Calendar

So here is the fun part… if you want to take on these daily challenges with me to make your December a bit happier and about the things that really matter, all while taking your mental, emotional and spiritual health to a new level, follow along with me on instagram here. If you decide to complete any of the daily challenges, post a picture on instagram and use the hashtag #tkrDecember. If you do this with me, we can all find a bit more joy this month and encourage one another to live out the best and happiest December ever together.