We Are Ready!

As of yesterday, I am 37 weeks pregnant. About month ago, I was informed via an ultrasound that the baby is measuring at least 1 week ahead, last Wednesday I was told that now both myself and the baby are measuring 2 weeks ahead. In other words, this baby can come any day now!

Can I just say that as a first time mom, this makes me feel a bit anxious… not because I am scared but instead because I keep going over this list in my head of things that need to be ready for this baby. In all reality, all this baby needs is to eat, sleep and poop. But you know, we live in America and there is this store called Buy Buy Baby and it is really good at making you feel like you are illy prepared to bring a child into the world unless you buy everything in that place.

The truth however is that our sweet little baby doesn’t even get his or her own room! Ha… yeah, because we live in an apartment that is a whopping 550sq feet, so space isn’t exactly something of excess around here. I wanted to share with you all some updates on this pregnancy as well as show off the little spaces we have created around our apartment to welcome this little peanut into our lives… so here we go!


Hello Belly!!! Also, please note the giant cup of ice and then continue reading 😉

Weight Gain: 23lbs… I had lost 20 in the beginning of this pregnancy so technically I am only up 3lbs. This is very deceiving as most people think, oh wow how nice but let’s all remember that you can only lose 20lbs if you have 20lbs to lose.

Gender: We still don’t know! Call us crazy but we have loved not knowing for a few reasons. One of which is the fact that we do live in such a tiny place, not knowing what we are having has seriously prohibited us and our family members from shopping like crazy.

Food Cravings: Anything salty, cold or sour. I could live off of roasted broccoli, am eating ice like crazy and would be totally ok if my house has a family size bag of Cool Ranch Dorito’s in it at all times. I am still drinking my Shakeology just about everyday so that I know if nothing else the baby and I are getting all of our vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in.

Food Aversions: Everything… just kidding. All meat, touching it literally makes me vomit. I cannot stand to be around take out or fast food. I could pretty much just be a vegetarian at this point… possibly even a vegan. I guess I just kind of hate food for now.

Mood Lately: I am the biggest baby in the world when I am tired lately. Now granted, I go 3 or 4 nights any more with less than 3 hours of sleep so maybe this is expected but I hate how irritated I get over little things as well as how grumpy I am when I am driving in the car. I swear I wasn’t like this before and my heart aches for my dear, sweet, loving husband.

Pregnancy Complaints:I think my brain is missing. A common mistake I make is doing an entire load of laundry without putting the clothes in or attempting to say something to my husband but not being able to. I have literally resorted to just saying key words followed by “and other words”. He has learned to accept this as our reality and I just walk away to do/get what ever it is I am trying to communicate to him.

Pregnancy Loves: Feeling the baby move… especially at night when my husband reads and talks to this little guy or girl. In fact, I make Al put the baby to sleep every night. Call me crazy but I swear that this baby does not settle down until Al talks to him or her and tells s/he to go to sleep and let me rest. I imagine this isn’t nearly the craziest thing we will do as parents so I’m just going with it.

Here are a few pictures of baby “stuff” around our place. As I mentioned above, we do not know the gender despite the blue room. When I registered for our wedding shower about a year ago, I went with blues, whites and creams for our bedroom and since the babies crib is with us in our room,it only seemed appropriate to go with the color scheme that already existed.

Baby Stuff A

The bouncer and bassinet are in our living room while the dresser/changing table is technically in our dining room. We will obviously be filling those frames with pictures of our little one and the draws will be filled with cloth diapers and lots of comfy jammies I am sure.

Baby Stuff B

My wonderful parents bought us our crib and that chair was a gift from my husband. He actually bought it for me before we were married. I am expecting many night time feedings to happen there! Also, the sweet teddy bear was a gift from my husband as well back before we were even engaged.

Al and I cannot wait to meet our little buddy and we cannot wait to introduce him or her to the world. I know this post has absolutely nothing to do with food, nutrition or health so thanks for sticking around and letting me gush with you for a bit about all the cute things taking place inside and outside of my big baby belly.

Diary of a Walker

Diary of a Walker

I love all forms of exercise, but I have come to the conclusion recently that walking will always have a very special place in my heart. It was the first real form of exercise that I ever fell in love with back while I was in high school.

Now that I am weeks away from giving birth, there are not to many forms of exercise that I can perform. This has led me to walk my little heart out. In fact, I have been participating in an eight week challenge that includes attempting to walk100 miles by the first day of summer. Thankfully, my doctors are very much on board with this goal and with some hard work (my miles are getting slower and slower by the day) I am more than half way to my goal!

**You can check out more info about this eight week challenge here.**

Lately I have been getting a lot of “I can’t believe how much walking you are doing”, and I wouldn’t be writing truthfully here if I didn’t tell you that this puts a smile on my face. Along with this comment, I also get the question of “How are you walking so much?”… so I thought it would be helpful if I shared with you today that all my “tricks” to getting in the miles that I have been lately.

      Walk your dog… my husband and I love our sweet Mollie and instead of using the end of this pregnancy as an excuse to hand of all Mollie duty’s to my husband, I’ve chosen to walk her myself while he is at work. And then on some days, if my husband isn’t to tired when he get’s home from work, we walk her again! Please understand that 9 times out of 10, I really don’t want to walk her, but I try to take it one walk at a time and this seems to really help with my motivation. Instead of making a commitment to walk her everyday multiple times a day, I just simply take her for one walk.

Walk your kids… pretty much, everything I just said about my dog, but instead about your kids! ust do it once, don’t over commit to distance or to how often you will do it, but instead just simply walk them. It can be in a stroller, with them on bikes or any other way you see fit!

Rainy day game plans… because you can’t think of the spring without thinking of rainy days. This means that some days I can’t walk outside because of my schedule. If I have a doctors appointment in the morning and it’s raining in the afternoon, my daily walk is out of the question, so what do I do? I walk in my living room to free videos. Some of my favorites include this one, this one and lastly this one. I included for you everything from a 15 minute 1 mile video to a 3 mile that includes upper body work. See, no excuses!

Find a friend… maybe your neighbor has really cute kids that will love your dog more than you do and maybe they will want to go for a walk once a week. Seriously though, I have been beyond blessed with our neighbors and the one specifically has become a very sweet friend who invites Mollie and myself on walks with her and her little girls. Since she has had babies (is pregnant with her 3rd) she is very kind and understanding that at times I need to slow down. In fact, she was with me when I had my first “Real” contraction last week and actually was able to identify it as that. I on the other hand thought it was just a weird pain and tried to pretend it wasn’t happening. Just picture me bent over on the street corner saying “no, no… I’m probably just a really big baby when it comes to pain”. Needless to say, we took a little break right about then and then she checked in on me that night after “it” happened two more times before our walk was over to see if I had the baby yet.

Leave the car keys at home… and walk to places that are less than a mile away. I love that we have a Harris Teeter just a few blocks from our home. I use this as an excuse to forget to buy olives at the store when I go grocery shopping on Monday’s so that I can need to go buy some on Tuesdays. Since it is such a light load to carry, I just simply walk up to the store and get in another mile just because! This philosophy also works if my husband are running errands around our “downtown” area. I encourage hm to park a bit further away and then we get in those extra steps by just doing what we need to do for the day.

Walk because it’s a nice day… because truth be told, this weather is fleeting. Every winter we all complain about the horrific winter and dream of sunny days. Well friends, those sunny days are upon us and they are a wonderful reason to get outside and walk. Some days I don’t want to, but then I think about the fall and winter that will be here before we know it at that is enough motivation to get up, out and walking.

Walking has become my dear friend yet again in life and I am so thankful for it. I may not be as fast as some or as sweaty as others, but for now, it’s purpose in my life is to keep me active and healthy and walking is doing just that. I want to encourage all of you to exercise in whatever way fit’s your lifestyle and attempts to get and/or stay healthy.


What is your favorite form of exercise?

If you are a “walker”, when, where and how do you prefer to get in your miles?



Cool as a Craving…

So that’s not exactly how the saying goes… It’s more like, Cool as a Cucumber. And that my friends is what I have been. O.K., actually, again this is a bit of a fallacy as well. Pregnancy leaves me at times a little less cool and a little more bent like a fork after taking a ride in the garbage disposal… but that it neither here nor there. Would you believe me if I said that last week I ate 6 cucumbers? They are apparently my “pregnancy food” and my goodness do they satisfy my oh so pregnant taste buds.

Since I have a hard time doing much in life without research the who, what, where, when and why, I woke up this morning and after thinking… “Is it to early to eat a cucumber”, I pulled out my laptop and started searching away to find out what exactly it is that my body finds so gratifying via these long green things.

Attachment 1(2)

The answer…….

– Vitamin K, Vitamin B, Potassium, Magnesium and so much more!

Let’s just say that I’m really thankful I’m craving cucumbers and not cake right about now.

Nature really is a magical thing to me. I find it amazing that the earth we live in is capable of growing for us so many different foods that not only supply us with energy but also do it in a way that gives us optimal health.

This “craving” of mine has really had me thinking more and more about putting optimal nutrition into my body. Because the truth of the matter is, I could get away with a lot right about now. My husband is beyond wonderful and therefore gets me everything and anything that I could possibly desire in the name of “It’s for the baby” and “You’re growing a human”. As wonderful as he is, and as true as said statements are, the other truth is that the machine growing and housing this tiny (S/He is around 2.7lbs right now) must be well oiled and taken care of to properly be used and produce the best products. This cannot occur if I am filling my body with sugar, salt, processed fats and other unhealthy food products.

I had a friend ask me just yesterday if I feel tired, hungry, grouchy, etc., I would be lying if I didn’t say that sometimes I do feel irritated at people. But that might be a personal problem and not a pregnancy problem. As far as the tired and hungry go… well, overall I feel really good. Yes there are times in which I think a bag of salty chips will cure all of my and I.S.I.S.’s problems, but then again I’ve been saying for a solid year that most of those guys just need a good memoir to read and a bubble bath and their life will be looking better in no time. I definitely also go to bed earlier and have this amazing ability to sleep in to 9 a.m. if I let myself. I think these things (probably not the I.S.I.S. part) are to be expected during pregnancy. My life is definitely different than it once was, but it should be.

Why in the world are you reading a blog post that has talked about everything from I.S.I.S. and bubble baths to cucumbers and cravings you ask? For that I have no answer, let’s chalk it up to pregnancy brain or adult A.D.D., or even a case of the Fridays.

What I do know is that we have the ability to put into our bodies everyday really good things, or not so good things. We can choose to use food as fuel or we can choose to use it as a vice to hopefully solve some of our life’s problems. The decision is up to you and I hope that today you choose well! I will be greatly attempting too 🙂

Ever been pregnant? What are some of the foods you craved?

Have you ever considered that what you are craving is actually a secret message from you body telling you it needs something to work well? If so, what were you craving and what do you think that craving provided for you nutritionally?

Want to know more about cucumbers and all the super nutrients they have to offer? Check out this article!


16 Weeks Pregnant

I’m Pregnant! This baby was a bit of a surprise baby and has yet to stop surprising his or her mom and dad.

Quick recap… I pretty much hate food. And as a bit of a foodie, this has been almost life changing. I have no apatite, can only name about 5 things that I eat on a regular basis without throwing up/getting heartburn/ having indigestion, you get the picture. This pregnancy has sent me to the hospital a few times for dehydration and malnutrition and my lower back feels like it is on fire. All of this joy has actually resulted in me losing weight rather than gaining but don’t be fooled, I look like I’ve been eating a few to many burgers and this belly of mine is quite firm! I’m currently waiting for the whole “butterflies and rainbows” feelings to kick in over being pregnant but my expectations are officially low. I keep hearing from people that I should be feeling this baby move now any day, but I just cant wrap my mind around this happening. I feel like I’ll just mistake movement for the precursor to a bowel movement…. sorry baby :-/

My husband and I are over the moon with the fact that we get our own little, teeny, tiny human come June. We have so many plans to smother this baby in kisses, love and joy and are very aware of the fact that in 16 years we will have a live in hater on our hands. These last 6 months have smacked us in the face with the reality that our plans almost always fail us and we are learning to surrender to this thing called life!

All in all, I expect this baby to continue being the little firecracker he or she is and I can’t wait to meet this little world changer.

Now, with saying all of that… I wanted to write to all of you and tell you of a few of my secrets.

In the last 16ish weeks, I have learned a few tips and tricks that I whole heartedly believe will be your best friend if you happen to be pregnant (with nausea, vomiting, etc.), suffering through the flu, or having gall=bladder attacks. Now, I will warn you that this list isn’t the healthiest (non-organic and full of chemicals) way of doing life, but my doctor and I figured this out together and are convinced it will keep me out of the hospital and enjoying life on some level.

Pregnancy Tips & Tricks

Shakeology – This stuff is like magic! It’s slightly expensive magic, but has literally changed my health. The first time I went into the hospital during this pregnancy I was dehydrated AND malnourished. The last time I went into the hospital I was ONLY dehydrated. The only difference I had made to my life (which at that time consisted of throwing up daily and not being able to eat anything), was drinking half of one of these shakes a day. I didn’t do anything fancy to them, just put the powder in the blender with some milk. When I tell you that half of a shake gave me and my baby every bit of nutrient (other than water) that we needed for that day, I mean it. I am now receiving these shakes every month in the mail and that won’t be changing. My husband (the one who brings in the $) and I are convinced that these shakes changed my and our babies health and I promise you they are worth EVERY pretty penny.

Gatorade – When my husband realized how sneaky I was being with Gatorade, I think he got a bit concerned. You see, when I was home in Michigan over Christmas and the New Year, I could tell I was getting dehydrated. Even though I am throwing up less (Praise the sweet, sweet Lord JESUS), food and water still are not appealing to me and they definitely do not feel good inside of me. The result is my husband tricking me into eating and drinking by offering me back-rubs, control of Netflix at night and other totally old people married things in exchange of me eating small portions of food and drinking water. So back to Michigan, one day I could tell where things were leading based on my severely dry mouth and cracking lips and I asked my kind and selfless husband to go get me some Gatorade. He did and I am eternally grateful. I’m not to sure why I didn’t think of this sooner, but between the sugar and electrolytes, I can tell that a Gatorade a day is seriously keeping the IV’s away.

Peppermint Tums – Remember how I said food and water doesn’t feel good inside of me… well Peppermint Tums sprinkle fairy dust on my intestines and make everything feel good not bad! And that’s why I got the giant container of them. Enough said, right?!

Gummy Prenatal Vitamins – My doctor isn’t concerned about prenatal vitamins for me. She says that hundreds of years ago women had babies without vitamins but with about 100 more diseases around them. Pretty much, if they could do it, so can I! But then about 10 people a week ask me if I’m taking prenatal vitamins and it kind of freaks me out when I tell them no and they look at me with that same exact look that they all give me. You know, the one that says “awwwww, you’re already a bad mom before you’re even a mom”. It’s not good. So I figured out that if AFTER drinking my Shakeology, I take these gummy vitamins I can keep them down. And them I experience this thing called sanity. It’s really nice.

Pretty much, I am now getting my essentials covered. Do I cook? Nope, food is gross. Am I enjoying eating dinner? Nope, like I said, food is gross! Do I feel like myself? Heck no! In fact, I expect to never feel like myself again… this baby is a firecracker and I am expecting to deliver him or her uber late on July 3rd, Why you ask? Because July 4th would just be way to good, but July 3rd is just enough to steel away from all of his or her family members the ability to celebrate this country’s birthday. Instead my child will probably grow up thinking that all of America celebrates his or her birthday with fireworks every year.

Clearly this baby is a firecracker because his or her momma is one too, my husband pointed that out this morning but we will just ignore him for saying such utter ridiculous things!

Now, if you look at this list of things and think to yourself, “wow that’s a lot chemical ridden and processed junk to be putting into a body everyday”, well you you are probably right. But I don’t care right now. But since you do, here are some ideas of how to do the same thing I am, but in a more natural way.

  1. Get the vegan Shakeology and use it with almond or coconut milk.
  2. Instead of drinking Gatorade, drink coconut water. Beware though that when pregnancy drinking thick things may be the worst idea in the world.
  3. Rather than eating tums, use magnesium flakes in your bath water, mix it with water and rub in on your skin like lotion or mix it with water and drink it. Again, I don’t recommend this is water is difficult to drink or you are experiencing dry skin. But hey, give it a try!
  4. Just don’t take prenatal vitamins… maybe you are way stronger than I am feeling mentally right now and I’ll tell you, GOOD FOR YOU! Rock that confidence!

If you are pregnant and going through a rough patch, I am seriously so sorry. This has been very hard on me emotionally at times, and I will definitely be sharing that soon in hopes of encouraging someone the way someone encouraged me about 5 weeks ago. I completely underestimated the changes that take place during pregnancy, not just physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually and if you are currently in the fire, I promise it gets better. No matter how hard today may be, remember that you are one of the lucky people who get to bring a life into this world even if your day doesn’t seem very joyful or lucky.

16 week bbMy 16 Week Baby Bump


** I am now such a believer in Shakeology, that I am signed up under the company Beachbody to sell it. From a nutritional point of view, I cannot tell you enough about Shakeology, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave them below in the comments and I will be happy to chat with you about this wonderful and healthy product.**

Tighter – Higher – Firmer

I’m currently sitting with my laptop on my lap, impatiently awaiting a call from my sister in law. She has been laboring since 3:30 this morning (it’s almost 8 at night on Monday) and has done an unbelievably beautiful job. She is currently being checked at the hospital and hopefully I will be heading over there to see my beautiful, perfect wonderful new niece. There is a chance that I will be thinking of nothing other than my family tomorrow so today I have for you a butt workout for you.

I don’t know about you but I genuinely enjoy working out my lower body. And let me tell you that this workout does it! It doesn’t seem too tough until you are on the last set and then come 24 hours after the workout is completed, well you really feel it.

Higher Tighter Firmer

Please send prayers up for baby “M” and I can’t wait to show off my beautiful niece to all of you! Happy Tuesday!!