Bee Pollen

Mommy Brain – it has hit me hard! Like tried to charge my phone with my breast pump cord hard. And then there was the forget how to walk and strain my foot in two places “mommy moment”. That one I do NOT recommend… it left me on crutches for a few days and let me tell you, taking care of a newborn while on crutches is not an easy task.

Thankfully, some of my mommy brain moments are paying off in a few strange ways. Take that time I ordered local unfiltered honey from our local farm only to receive this at my front door…


My husband and I got a good laugh out of this one. After a little ‘googling’ however, I found out that this mistake is actually a bit of a ‘win’ for me. Let me share with you all…

Bee Pollen


What is Bee Pollen?

– Bee Pollen is what is left over from the bee’s after they pollinate the plant and take what is necessary back to the hive to make honey. Bee Pollen is found in every hive by the Bee Keeper. Some choose to collect and keep it while others choose to discard it.
What are the benefits of taking Bee Pollen?

– Bee Pollen is unique in that it is one of the ONLY natural substances that has every vitamin, mineral and amino acids in it. In other words, it’s the perfect and natural daily vitamin. Because it is natural, it is allergen free from things such as dairy, soy and wheat as well as sets off the perfect chain of reactions/event within your body for all of the nutritional properties to be absorbed and properly processed by your body. In short, Bee Pollen is very easy on your body to use for good.
How do I take Bee Pollen?

– Just like you may have a reaction to a bee stinging you or to eating honey, there is a slight chance that you could also have a reaction from Bee Pollen. For this reason, it is advised to start off by only taking 1 granule with food at first. Everyday, you can increase this amount by 1 or 2 granules per day with a meal, for a week. If you do not have a reaction, it is then safe to take 1/2 teaspoon of Bee Pollen granules 2x a day for one week. At this point you can switch over to taking 1 teaspoon 1x a day. Since I am breastfeeding, I did exactly this. Myself and my son are fine to be using Bee Pollen which I am very thankful for.
Is Bee Pollen safe for children, pregnant or nursing women to take?

– Depending on the source you are getting your information from, this answer will change. As I said, I followed exactly the above advise and had not adverse reactions. I did check with my son’s Pediatrician, whom is a bit more holistic minded and he was fine with use trying this out. Check with your doctor as well as your child’s before starting anything that changes you over all health.
Where can I read more about Bee Pollen?

Dr. Mercola write quite a bit about this topic here and here. Ten quick reasons to take Bee Pollen can be found here. And for anyone looking  to see research based information on the subject, you can do so here.
Where can I buy Bee Pollen at?

It is best to buy Bee Pollen from your local farmer, as this ensures safer consumption. However a few other places to check out are Thrive Market and Amazon. Another option would be to go to a local health foods store and ask if they carry this product.



Would you even consider using Bee Pollen as a health supplement?

Maybe you already have used it, if so how did you like it?


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