You Are Wonderful

While I am taking some time to enjoy being a new mom, I asked a few friends to step in and share with you a little bit about their journey when it comes to their health. I am so excited for you to hear about all of the different ways women are taking control of their health and thriving in our not so healthy world.

Today’s guest is a wonderful friend of mine by the name of Denise. I actually met Denise ultimately via essential oils but have formed a wonderful friendship with her simply due to both of our desires to live healthier lifestyles. Denise has a heart for people that truly is rare and she has actually started a blog recently. Denise won’t say this so I will for her, she is also thriving in the world of essential oils and an incredibly knowledgeable women concerning them.

Amazingly though, she is using essential oils to not just help others heal but to also spread of message of hope and strength to women literally around the world.

So please read Denise’s story knowing that each of her words come from a place of love and that her true heart is to simply encourage you. And Denise… thank you for being such a wonderful woman in a world needing just that!


People Need You

Well hi lovely friends. When Leah asked me to write about why health is so important to me, I knew immediately what I wanted to share today. Knowing Leah and her inspirational posts that take over my Instagram had me thinking about her sweet soul, had me thinking about YOU!

Yesterday I stood in front of a beautiful group of people, talking briefly about my health journey with essential oils and where God was leading my business. Following my brief talk, my dear friend stood up and talked about Human Trafficking. There are hardly words. We made oil blends to give to survivors, we sold fair trade items, we educated, we laughed, cried, and prayed.

Tonight, I am on my couch, writing to you with a runny nose. My first head cold in forever and I am overwhelmed. I move out of my house with three children in a few days and I am exhausted to the bones at times. Why? I can tell you. I forgot. I forgot to take 10 minutes and rest in the grass with my children, clearing my mind from packing. I forgot to take the time to put on my oils and to make a salad instead of order pizza. And now, it is crunch time, and I feel lousy.

You see the past year of my life; God has revealed huge plans for my little family. He has put passions on our hearts that are carrying us across the country so that people can come to know Hope and Love. And this is where YOU come in. Why health matters. We live in a time where being a health nut might mean you are just being part of the fad, trying to be cool, fit in with the “green” people. But that has nothing to do with it. Taking care of your health is because you are meant for great things. Take charge of your health. Not because it is cool. Not because it will help you fit in the blog world. It is because you need the energy. You need the focus. Why? – I can’t say it enough – because you are meant for great things. You are meant to be part in changing people’s lives for the better, and when we are sitting on the couch, feeling lousy, tired, foggy, we miss out on so many opportunities that are knocking.

When I ate Whole foods for 30 days I felt fantastic. For the first time in a while I wanted to run races with my little children and play silly on the floor with them and when they cuddled up close to me in the middle of the night, my body felt so much more clean to have so many feet touching me. I was way less anxious.

In the past few weeks of stress, I have let it go, and I feel lousy. So I sit here. Drinking my honey tea and deciding it is time to remember what it felt like when I took care of myself. I don’t really have time for a head cold when I am moving in three days with three children. So here I am, encouraging you.

Taking care of your health isn’t just about you. It is about the people around you. People need you because you are wonderful and meant for great things. So start today, no matter how small. some of you may be struggling with chronic and difficult health issues, and you are my heroes and your bravery changes lives. And for those of you that have areas of your health that you can take control of, even if it is hard, I encourage you to take that hard and brave step – because I promise it will lead to something better.

About Denise:


  • My husband and I and our three children are in the process of moving across the country. I am at a two month pit stop living at my parents, apart from my husband four days a week. I’m sleeping in a room with all three of the little ones so I’m learning to pretend to be Mary Poppins and Ferline Maria to make bedtime less stressful.
  • I have moved 15 times and been to 17 countries so I have never totally felt any place was my home. Home is wherever my little family is. But Africa – that place is just awesome!
  • I come up with more ideas in a day then I could accomplish in a lifetime. My solid husband keeps me functioning. For real I would be lost without him.

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