Buying Organic Guide

Guide to Buying Organic

Mention organic food to the average American and one word will come up… EXPENSIVE!

I would love to say that this isn’t the truth, but it is. Being a newlywed and a pregnant lady who isn’t working has put my husband and myself on a budget that we weren’t quite planning on being at this stage in life. Learning to buy our gorceries while sticking to our beliefs about things such as local food, GMO’s, organic and clean eating has most definitely been a learning experience for me. I have shared with you all here some of my “tips and tricks” on meal planning as well as how we use local foods to feed our bodies and finances here. But at the end of the day, there aren’t to many ways to get around the fact that organic meat and produce cost more than conventional.

I’ve learned one simply trick to cut down on the cost of our organic produce and it is as simple as this… if it has a peel, buy it conventionally.

Now of course, if you can afford to buy all organic, that is wonderful and I most definitely encourage it… however if you can’t, well, take heart! You see, if something has a peel (think bananas or cucumbers), then the peel can be thoroughly washed and then removed. Although research shows that pesticides can seep through the skin or peel of a piece of produce, some of them can be removed by simply washing and removing the skin/peel.

Like I said, ideally we would all be eating organic food, however I would much rather be using my money to buy organic broccoli and strawberries considering their porous nature. Since these foods cannot have their pesticides washed away and removed so easily, it is much more impactful to make sure that these are the foods that are being focused on when buying organic.


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