Where it all began…

He is here! Our bundle of joy has arrived and is changing our world by the second. Although I am currently taking some time away from my computer, I wanted to share with you guys (in the next dew posts) about everything that took place behind the scenes of this pregnancy.

It all started in Mexico, specifically on our honeymoon. You know the one we took in which we literally got hit by a hurricane. Ok, so maybe this is a bit missleading… we didn’t actually conceive our precious baby in Mexico but something else VERY substantial happened on that trip.

Let me back track for a moment and tell you that I grew up with a very large and loving family… I spent most of my childhood growing up with my cousins, aunts, uncle and grandparents. We spent holidays together, went to school with one another, stood up in each others weddings and considered each other our best friends. The cornerstone to our brood was most definitely my grandfather. There literally is not a single person on this earth who could utter a sour word about this man. He was hard working, loyal, kind and loving. As a young girl, I would go over my grandparents and we (the cousins) would fight to sit on his lap, brush his hair and look with amazement at his massive hands, or mits as many called them, to see if there was anything that he couldn’t hold. There wasn’t… he could hold babies, softballs, large piles of candy and so much more in his hands with such ease.

We loved out grandfather and knew how lucky we were to have him. We also knew how much he loved us which was what made him passing away in 2005 so difficult for all of my family members. We trully mourned the loss of our dear grandfather, but in the same moment knew we were the luckiest people in the world to have him for as long as we did.

I remember after he passed away hearing my siblings and cousins speak about the dreams they had in which my grandfather would show up, say things to them that they needed to hear, hug them when they needed it most and just be for a moment the grandpa he was for us here on earth. For years, I lived with envy over the fact that I never dreamt about him. I wanted to, I wanted to have that moment or that memory of him being in my life for a moment. But it just didn’t happen.

Fast forward to me being engaged, and I had a dream about my grandpa. It only lasted about 30 seconds and my grandpa just simply thanked me for living with and spending my life with my grandma, his wife. I shared with much joy the dream that I had with my mom and life went on.

12 months later or so, the night before the big hurricane in Mexico and another dream came about. This dream was sooooooo long, it was detailed, involved so many people and I woke up feeling as if it was real and not a dream. I know many people talk about having dreams like this, but unless you have one, unless you have truly considered that for a few moments you were actually transported into some other world in which life exists in ways you never imagined, well unless you’ve been there you just don’t “get” this feeling I’m talking about.

Anyways, this long and detailed dream shook me in a very good way. It gave me great peace about this storm we kept hearing about and I shared with joy this dream to my husband. The thing about this dream though, was that in it, my grandfather was holding this sweet little boy, maybe 9 months old or so, and was telling me that it was my little boy. He had the sweetest eyes, soft light brown wavy hair, the most perfect kissable lips and sat with such ease in the lap of his great-grandfather. All was right in their and my world and as I awoke from the dream I beamed with joy.

Now here is the funny thing about this dream… when I told my husband about it, I referred to this little boy as the little one we would some day adopt. You see, my husband and I didn’t plan on having children for at least 1.5/2 years and the larger desire of our heart was to adopt a few children.

Oh the plans the big guy upstairs had for our life… Fast forward about 6 weeks later and their I was standing in the isle of CVS picking through pregnancy tests. Truth be told, we didn’t just buy one, but we bought FIVE pregnancy tests. My husband insisted (because we were actually trying to not have a baby) that we buy different brands and styles because he refused to put all of our hope in just one test/brand/style.

Twenty minutes later, as well as all five tests, and the reality was setting in that we were very much so on our way to becoming parents. And as quickly as those tests showed those very dark two lines, that dream I had in Mexico came flooding back. 

From that moment on, I was convinced that I was having a perfect little boy and that he was in the care of my amazing grandfather until he arrived here on earth.

And within weeks, the commuting started! But that is for next time… Next Friday in fact!


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