You are…

I’ve been thinking a lot today about how our decisions in life are driven by our strengths and our weaknesses. It seems to me that much of what we do in life can be traced back to our feelings.

Specifically, I am amazed at our not so good choices in life due to our inability to see the truth about who we are as individuals.

I was talking with my husband about how our society feels it not only acceptable but also slightly necessary to make up for what is (or isn’t) inside of each of us, with what can be “fixed” on the outside. I’m in awe at social media and how we all are given the opportunity everyday to show up and be honest about ourselves or to show up and flaunt the “stuff” that has nothing to do with who we really are. Think manicures, fake eyelashes, perfectly filtered selfies and the oh so deceitful pictures of peoples children behaving just perfectly.

The truth of the matter is that we are all broken, hurting and small humans. We are afraid to tell the truth about who we are, what we are passionate about in life and how we fall asleep each night knowing the truth of this scary and daunting world. It is much easier to slather on the makeup and hair product, wear cute shoes, polish our nails and portray a perfect life than it is to actually work on our lives being better. And for the most part, we fool most of those around us.

Until the our reality starts showing to the world that is…

And our deception about who we are, to both ourselves and the world engulfs us to the point in which the truth has to be told.

Is it worth it? Is the pretending, the deceiving, the hiding and the faking it all really worth it? Because at the end of the day, those who are watching, observing and possibly even judging, well their lives go on without skipping a beat. But for us, the you and me… when we come out of hiding, when we start telling the truth to ourselves, well… we are often left alone to pick up the pieces of the mess that we have created.

The nail polish doesn’t matter and the fake eye lashed are thrown in the trash, we are left with those feelings that drove us to make our selves up and into someone we feel better about showing the world. More often then not, we are left feeling a little bit more empty and lacking then before we started this process of pretending and hiding.

I want to stop… and I want you to stop too. I want us to fess up to the beautiful mess that we and our lives are and embrace the truth about what makes us hurt, happy and scared. I want us to all be honest, to be fulfilled by the truth of our lives and to be empowered that we are not doing this alone.

So today, I have nothing for you in terms of food, recipes or health information. Instead, I have for you a bit of truth…

You Are Enough

You are enough for God, you are enough for yourself, for your family, and even friends. You are not perfect, but no one is asking you to be. You are not the prettiest, smartest or funniest but the truth of the matter is that no one is. You, WE… are a flawed humans who has so much to give to this world by just simply waking up and being brutally honest and truthfully us today, as well as everyday.

I pray that today, what matters isn’t how many calories you eat, how well you work out, what your instagram feed looks like or what someone has to say about you. Instead, I hope and pray that today you understand just how “enough” you are because of the individual you have been created to be.


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