Cloth Diapering “UnBoxing”

If you haven’t noticed, it doesn’t take much to convince me to change my lifestyle when there are promises of health, happiness and financial ease. It is for these reasons that my husband and I have decided to cloth diaper ourlittle peanut.

A little over 2 years ago, my brother and sister-in-law told their friends and family that they were going to cloth diaper their little girl. Well, she isn’t the 6 pounder that she once was and although some of their parenting decisions fell to the way side (which happens with all parents), cloth diapering didn’t.


Before I got married and moved out of state, I had the privilege of watching that sweet little girl a few days a week. Not only did I fall madly in love with her right off the get go, but I also fell in love with cloth diapering. When it was time to figure out all the details of our own cloth diapering experience, to my wonderful sister-in-law I went with many questions in hand and on my mind.

After much discussion, my husband and I decided to go with the Kawaii Baby Brand diapers and although we have yet to use them on our little one, I thought I would fill you in on the process so far.

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Reasons why we choose Kawaii Baby Cloth Diapers…

1. My sister in law has a mix f Kawaii Baby, Charlie Banana and Bum Genius diapers. The Kawaii Baby held up just as well if not better these last 2 years as the others. However, Kawaii Baby was much, MUCH cheaper than the others.

2. Kawaii Baby Diapers come in many different varieties. Some are velcro while others are snap, some diapers are micro-fleece, some are suede, some are considered to be ‘green’ diapers and other are double lined. All of these options give me the ability to try things out so that if I decide to buy more or replace some of mine I could do so after trying out and perhaps picking a favorite.

3. Kawaii Diapers can be used from 8lbs and up. Although I am wishing, and hoping, and praying for a little thing that just slides out of me, genetics suggest otherwise. My mom had 8lb babies and so did my mother-in-law. Although we did stock up on a few  days worth of disposables (hello merconium), Kawaii Baby diapers ultimately give me the option to start cloth diapering close to immediately which saves us even more money.

4. Kawaii Diapers come with 1 cover per 2 inserts… this means that I am getting many more inserts than covers and ultimately when it comes time that my baby could turn into a heavy wetter, I will have extras and won’t be caught in the ‘there aren’t enough covers washed’ debacle.

The Process Itself

The process started with us visiting the Kawaii Baby website here. We went with a combo pack that included 24 cloth diapers for only $129.90. This is where people usually say how this is a lot of money for so few diapers… however it must be understood that we never have to buy diapers again, even if we have more children. This means that each diaper comes out to be about $6 and considering they will all be used about once every other day (at least at first), you can see how just in the first month alone they will cost just pennies (less than 50 cents actually).

As stated above, the combo pack also offered us a variety of diapers which gives us the chance to develop a preference for future buys if we choose to. After selecting the combo pack, things we are easy as ordering something off of any website. We put in our payment information and the diapers were delivered in what seemed like no time at all.

Once we got the diapers, I took them all out of their individual packaging and separated inserts from covers. I washed all the inserts as well as dried them in our machine, while I only machine washed the covers and hung them up to dry on our balcony.

2015-06-03 07.07.30

Inserts that are washed, dried and ready to be dirtied!

Attachment 1(5)

Covers drying on our balcony.

After everything was dry, I went ahead and put the inserts back into the covers and stocked my draw full of diapers that are ready to be used. I took the extra inserts and just simply put them to the side knowing that if not immediately, a time will come when I am very thankful I can double up my kiddo’s diaper so that we can all sleep a little longer between diaper changes.


A happy and stocked drawer of Kawaii Baby Diapers.

Only time will tell how our Kawaii Baby Diapers experience goes. I am expecting many ups and downs but truly believe that in the long run both my husband and I will be very happy with our decision to cloth diaper, especially with Kawaii Diapers. I recently came upon a facebook group that has been very helpful in teaching me more ins and outs of cloth diapering. I highly recommend checking the group out, they are called Fluff Love & CD Science and their link is imbedded.

Do you cloth diaper?

If so, feel free to comment below on your experience as well as leave any tips, tricks or advice for my husband and myself as I am sure we will need it 😉


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