False Alarm

Well friends… I thought by now I would be introducing you all to some really cool people who are going to be guest posting here while I am on a little “maternity leave”. In fact, last Wednesday my husband and I were positive that I was in labor. Why you ask… oh because you know I was having contractions every 4 minutes for a solid 8 hours!

We were so sure that I was in labor that we called my mom and she hopped in the car and drove to us (D.C. area) from Michigan. About 4 hours before she got here, EVERYTHING stopped! I was pretty devastated and so sad that I had my mom drive through the night, put way to many miles on her car, spend money on gas and then of course use her vacation time just so that we could sit around and guess if I was peeing myself or if my water was leaking. Sadly, it was the first of the two.


I’ve been in talk with a wonderful Doula friend who has been beyond wonderful with talking me through this process. She has shed some serious light on this whole “false labor” thing and between her, my mom, my Midwife and Doctor, and my husband… well I’m totally confident that I have the best birth team around.

Everyone says that the baby will come when the baby wants to come. I have learned that, well that my friend could not be more of a true statement. This makes sending my mom home (which happened Sunday – major sad face) pretty dog-gone difficult! I decided Sunday morning that my best bet was to head on over to the hospital and do the very thing I feared… getting “checked”! We found out that I have definitely made progress and although the baby can come at anytime, there is no scientific reason to think that the baby coming today is any more likely than s/he coming in a week. We figured that with this information we could send my mom home and that ultimately she could get back to work and save vacation time so that she can come back out here when it’s the real deal!

Can I just tell you all that having a team of people to help me make these decisions is by far the greatest thing ever! Going to the hospital to get checked stirred up so many emotions in me… I feared that I would be looked at as “stupid” for not knowing when things are real, that I would disappoint my husband or mom for not “delivering” – figuratively and literally, and let’s not even talk about the idea that I would get to the hospital to only get hooked up to a million machines. Non of those things happened, and I honestly believe it is because the people that my husband and I have asked to be apart of this journey have invested in us in the same way we have invested in them.

This whole experience… this false labor thing has taught me to be so thankful for the team that is going to be a part of this baby coming into this world, it has taught me to trust myself, both physically and mentally, and it has also taught me that I can have the birth that I want for myself and this baby. I feel very confident that by the grace of God, I can do this whole have a baby thing and that the experience will be full of people who love and want the best for me and my baby.

So there is a silver lining to false labor friends… there is also a silver lining to things not going the way we expected or hoped for them to go. Hard things have yet again come my way, just as they have before and just as they will again, and it all has, is, will work out!

I have had cramping, cervical pain, contractions and back spasms pretty regularly since Wednesday… so maybe the next time you come here there will be a really cute picture of a baby, maybe not. Either way, I look forward to meeting the little monkey that is currently having a dance party inside of me and I’ll definitely be focusing on enjoying the rest of this pregnancy in the mean time.


Did you have any “false labor” with your kids?

What are some of the things that helped you get through the last few weeks of pregnancy?

One thought on “False Alarm

  1. Ah this story makes me broody. Both my children came quite fast and at home. My son made his appearance as the midwife was walking in the door. I actually thought I was going to die from the pain (sorry!) but she put her hand on my back and the feeling of support and love just took me to a better place. Moments later he was there, in my arms. We sat up all night and watched him. It was truly the most amazing night of my life.

    I therefore thought childbirth plans were not needed for Martha. I thought I was a natural, but the second time wasn’t as smooth. I planned a home birth but a different mid wife arrived and she didn’t calm me or soothe me. My eyes were rolling somewhere in the back of my head from the contraction pain (sorry – you forget fast!) and I didn’t feel like I knew what to do. In the end she came after 2 hours, so it wasn’t a drawn out experience, but it was more frightening because I felt Alex and I were doing it alone! I ended up having to go to A&E and needed a lot of follow up intervention…

    … but this has a happy ending I promise. The labour is only the start… the best is yet to come and believe me it gets better and better. Parenting is rough, humbling and the first 2 years are exhausting. But it is truly beautiful, exciting and completely and utterly wonderful.

    Just remember to breathe, I find that the breathing part is the key to the success on the labour. You are surrounded by a lovely set of people it seems. It will be a wonderful life changing experience.

    Good Luck x

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