Essential Oils

Did you know that the largest organ in your body is actually not in your body? It’s the truth… your skin is the largest organ of your body and it may possibly take the most harsh treatment of all our organs.

From the air we live in, the products we put on our bodies and the food and drink we consume, our skin has to go to work to protect us from toxins, absorb nutrients and still look pretty while doing this massive job.

This realization has recently sent me on a journey to clean up the mess that I have put in front of my skin in the form of ‘it’s daily job’.  It started off with me receiving (from my husband) the Young Living Essential Oil started kit for my birthday.  It comes with these great oils…

2015-06-03 07.04.24

This kit includes StressAway, Joy, Purification, Peppermint, Thieves, Lemon, Frankincense, Tea Tree PanAway, Citrus Fresh and Lavender.

Next up, I started the oh so popular process of ‘googling’ my life away to find recipes for a few ways to reduce my chemical intake all the while still participating in my usual lifestyle.

Here is what resulted…

Essential Oils

I found the recipes as follows…

Thieves CleanerStretch Mark CreamAnti Wrinkle Eye Cream

The recipes were followed almost exactly with the exception of the oils that I didn’t have. The great thing about these oils and recipes is that they are still extremely beneficial even if I didn’t use them all. I am just shy of 38 weeks pregnant and do not yet have a stretch mark, so for that reason alone I will keep using this recipe.

Now I completely understand that I may just be genetically blessed, however this body butter/cream is extremely nourishing, all the while not sticky or to heavy. The eye cream has been turned into my overall face cream and to be completely honest I have gotten rid of my face wash as I now just simply use this cream to remove my make up, rinse my face with warm water and then apply this all over my face. I promise you that my skin has NEVER looked better, and it definitely has never felt better.

The thieves cleaner is used all over my house… in my bathtub (because I soak there almost daily), on my counter tops and even to clean windows. I love that my baby will come into this world breathing in just a few less toxins than s/he would have months ago. Also, just a little info… thieves cleaner is anti-bacterial, anti-viral AND anti-fungal. Talk about a win!

I love that I get to truly change my life when I step into my kitchen and re-evaluate my lifestyle. Making these products is quite fun for me and I also find them to be extremely successful in doing their jobs. Add both of these ‘pros’ to the fact that I know I am giving my skin a break from enduring the tough life it has and I couldn’t be happier with these recent lifestyle changes.

Do you use Essential Oils?

If so, what are your favorite ways to use them?

Maybe you don’t make your own recipes, but perhaps you use specific and healthier options… what do you use?


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