South Mountain Creamery

I love the health and nutrition movement that is taking place in this country. It is amazing to me the power of our dollar as American’s and our ability to more or less vote for what we want in life with it. I personally feel empowered on a daily basis when I see the media exposing truth about what we eat and I think most of you do too.

Baby Steps Big Results

One of my favorite things about this movement that is taking place is that although some practice it in an “all or nothing” way, this doesn’t have to be our realty. Instead, you and I can make small changes over, and over, and over again to change our life and health in a sustainable and impactful way.

One way in which I have changed the way we do things around our house in the past few months is by buying SOME of our food from a local farmer. This has actually been a 2-step process for my husband and myself so I thought I would share it with you today.

About 3 months ago, I started to buy all of our dairy products only from Trader Joe’s and would pick up only organic and grass-fed versions of these products. Before doing this I rearranged our budget a bit and made a few adjustments so that doing so would NOT increase our weekly grocery budget. In all honesty, I had to play around with it for a few weeks but sure enough, everything balanced out perfectly within just a matter of 2 or3 trips to the grocery stores.

Once this change way underway, I decided it was time to take things a step further. After much “googling” and some facebook page questioning, I found a local farmer who would provide all of the products I was looking for for just about the same price as what I was buying them for from Trader Joe’s. You may ask why I find this to be important and I completely understand the possible confusion that I am causing…

Why do I need to buy organic and grass-fed products from a local farmer when I can get then for just about the same price at a store near by?

A few reasons actually… I love that my husband and I are effecting our local economy in a positive way. I love that at any point I can take a drive to the farm from which my food comes from to see how the animals and their products are treated. Finally, I love that my food isn’t sitting on a truck traveling from farm to warehouse, and then from warehouse to store only to sit around a bit longer on a shelf until I decide to go buy it. In other words… this small change gives us cleaner, more responsible and local food all within our budget!

So let’s get to the details… how does this whole local farm food thing work?

Well, my husband and I signed up through this website…

South Mountain Creamery


{Image from SMC website}

There was a sign up fee however this is the current promotion taking place…


{Image from SMC website}

This means that our first order, and part of our second was paid for in advance.

Every Monday (based on our delivery date) we have to place our order by 11:59 p.m. to have our products at our doorstep Wednesday morning. Yes, you read that right… this company delivers RIGHT TO OUR DOOR!!!

This week we purchased eggs, milk, butter and some beef. When I went to check out, I noticed that chocolate milk was on sale for only $1.99. I couldn’t resist so that went into our shopping cart as well!

SMC Delivery

Doesn’t everything look exciting and delicious!

If you are in the PA, VA, WV, MD or DC area there is a really great chance the South Mountain Creamery will delivery to your door too! So head on over to their website or give the a call to see if you can join in on the SMC fun. If you aren’t in the area, I highly recommend that you start considering researching a local farm you can buy some of your food from. Maybe you can’t do it year round, or perhaps you can only buy a few products… that’s OK, because baby steps really do add up to big results for our health, economy and environment!

So… do you buy any of your food from a local farm?

Do you have organic or grass-fed preferences in your diet?

What has your journey been concerning switching over to local or organic food?


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