Progress Not Perfection

Progress Not Perfection

For about 3 years now, I have been an avid reader of a few specific health blogs. In fact, I have even mentioned a few of them before here on The Kitchen Revolution. I love these blogs specifically because they are written by real women who are moms with a desire to give their children (and husbands) a better life than what our modern day society says is normal and/or acceptable.

These precious moms have taught me so much through the research they do and their loving voices. So when they (wellness mama, mama natural and mommypotamus) started posting about our dental professionals and how they have been misinformed on some very important research regarding our teeth, I started taking note.

Slowly but surely, I became one of those people who ditched fluoride and welcomed essential oils and supplementation to help my teeth reach their potential.

Well, all of my good intentions and hard work seemed to have come crashing down on my this last week.

Just weeks before I got married, I popped a piece of gum in my mouth only to have one of my teeth (my back molar) break off where a filling had been. I told myself that I would take care of the tooth after I got through the wedding and moved out of state since I was not having any pain. Little did I know what the future held for me. Since I immediately got pregnant, and this pregnancy was full of vomiting for so long, when I did go to the dentists to have the tooth taken care of, I through up every time they put their hands in my mouth.

Fast forward to last week, and this tooth started to give me a very small but telling problem. At this point, the tooth had been worn down quite a bit by all of the acid it had been exposed to the last 9 months. So when I started to feel a bit of sensitivity, my first thought was… “Go get it pulled, no one wants a toothache while in labor”. So, I found a dentist, scheduled an appointment and was delighted when he informed me that I didn’t need to get the tooth pulled but instead that he could fix it enough to last me the next 2 months.

I was thrilled which is why I think I handled having my tooth drilled and filled without any pain meds. Unfortunately, my happiness was short lived. Later that evening I started having terrible pain in my mouth which led me back to the dentist the next morning. The dentist told me that the tooth was fine and that I was just experiencing jaw pain due to my mouth being open for so long as well as all the extra hormones being produced. I took it as the truth and went on with my life… well kind of.

The pain got worse and long story short I ended up at a different dentists office getting a root canal done followed by needing to have my gums shaved down by that same dentist a few days later. This was all followed by a trip to the hospital one evening to see my midwife because of how severe the pain was getting. Oh, did I mention to you that I didn’t sleep or eat for a week and even went without talking for a few days because of the pain…yeah, it was a crappy week!

If I’m being honest with you, the physical pain (which was beyond terrible) was probably just as bad as the emotional pain that I struggled with this last week. I’m sure you think that this sounds absurd, but honestly… I started crying while in the 2nd dentist chair because I have gone 26 years without needing a root canal and I officially felt like a failure by needing one this last week. I even asked the dentists if he could just pull the tooth rather than do the procedure.

For years, I convinced myself that I wouldn’t fail when it came to my teeth, I wouldn’t succumb to the standards that our society claims to acceptable concerning dental health and that I wouldn’t end up with “bad teeth”. As I sat their in that chair last Friday, I truly felt as though I failed.

Can you relate with me here? Maybe not concerning your teeth but perhaps in other areas of health. I think you can… I think that these feelings are completely normal in the lives of those striving for health and progress. But can I just tell you that non of us are perfect, that our bodies are and never will be perfect and that we are not failures because of it. Health doesn’t mean perfection… health doesn’t mean beauty, and health doesn’t mean anything other than progress in your very private, personal and intimate life.

I want to encourage you today to not be discouraged by our struggles and imperfections in life. They really are a blessing as they help to motivate us.

This week I am feeling very thankful for some things I’m not usually greatfull for such as modern medical and dental procedures, unisom (hello sleeping 9 hours last night) and take out food. And of course, my wonderful husband who put up with me this last week!

Progress friends… Not perfection!


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