Alright friends… today I want to talk to you about a very sensitive topic. It’s the topic of lunch and I kind of hate it!


I don’t think I am alone either, because I was recently talking with my mom whom said that she also finds lunch to be very discouraging. You see, my mom is currently doing Weight Watchers and lunch seems to be her Achilles Tendon. Be honest… do you struggle with lunch too?

It’s not so much the time of day or the environment, but lunch as a whole… it is more often than not just simply a matter of noon rolling around and I find myself thinking “Ugh, what am I going to do for lunch?”. I think it’s the combination of not really being that hungry, not really wanting anything that seems to be lying around and not really feeling like cooking either. THis leaves me feeling guilty right around 1:30 because I SHOULD eat something even though I don’t want to.

In the past, I have chalked this up to “life” and just kept doing what I was doing. However, now that I am approaching motherhood and the idea of gaining weight while nursing is fast entering my mind, I’m starting to realize that I should probably approach this “problem” now while I have the time rather then later when I am sleep deprived and hungry.

Sadly, at this point in today’s post I have very little advice for you but instead a bit giant favor to ask you. Ok, so maybe it’s more like a few questions that I would love to get an answer from you about…

Do you struggle with lunch time? Maybe for you it isn’t the idea of lunch as whole, maybe it’s actually something specific.

If so, how do you deal with this topic?

So now is the favor… will you help me?

Can you leave a comment below telling me how you may lunch convenient, healthy and good?

Maybe this problem is slightly due to the fact that I am still pregnant and still find certain foods to be not of my “approval”, I hope that is the case!


2 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. Hi Leah! Thanks for posting this! Having three little boys forces me to keep lunch simple, healthy and fast (as they are ready to eat and keep playing!) so I usually stick to sprouted bread as pb&j with some fruit or hummus with veggies and fruit! I hope this helps! And be encouraged that nursing will help any baby weight to come off! You’re on na do great! 😉

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