Baby Steps

Baby Steps Real Food Diet

One of my favorite things about living on a Real Food Diet is that it is a lifestyle rather than a diet. This means that you do not need to be at a certain level of health to start living this lifestyle, and you never get to a point in which you can “retire” from this lifestyle either. Instead, living off of a real food diet is something that can be done forever!

Can you imagine that? Can you even fathom never going on another “diet” again in your life? How wonderful does that sound!

Well friends, it can be done. In fact, you can not only never go on another diet again in your life, but you can also live this lifestyle while constantly improving your health and life.

How you ask… well let me explain.

Some of us eat cereal everyday for breakfast, while others eat a baked egg with avocado on top. Some of us eat fast food for lunch every day while others are salad lovers. Some of us never use our kitchen because we go out to eat every night while others are slow cooker pro’s. No matter where you fall on the very large scale of healthy eating, you can improve! No one is perfect, no one’s eating is perfect and can we agree that no one’s life is perfect?

A real food diet and lifestyle is something that you can adopt today and continuously tweak as you go along throughout different seasons of life as well as, as you grow in terms of your own health. Every season of life brings forth an opportunity to make adjustments and goals so that you can live a life that is always improving and resulting in you feeling better about who you are and what you do in life. Here are a few examples..

  • Get rid of all “white things” in your diet such as sugar and flour
  • Eat 5 servings of vegetables a day
  • Switch all of your dairy products to organic
  • Cut out soda from your diet
  • Only eat dessert 1x a week
  • Drink 80 oz. of water per day

You see, a real food diet isn’t one that requires restrictions. Instead it is one that promotes health and vitality.

Attachment 1(2)

The result? Baby steps to better health!

You may be able to look at the list above and think to yourself… “I need to do all of those things”, or maybe you look at it and can’t say that you need to work on any of those areas. The truth of the matter is that we can all make positive and healthy changes in our lifestyles and a real food diet enables you to do exactly that!

I hope that you can choose today to make some positive changes in your lifestyle and that ultimately you can adopt a real food diet for yourself with confidence that you can do this very beneficial thing for your health.



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