Measuring Success

Measuring Success

The scale seems to be King in the world of Health, Fitness and Wellness. The truth of matter however is that those who have found success in said world, have come to the conclusion that the scale is only a very, VERY small factor in finding health and happiness.

Today I wanted to talk to all of you friends about this topic because I hear so many people agonizing over the fact that they are not happy with what the scale is telling them concerning their overall health journey. Why do we focus so much on the scale friends? Is it because it’s a solid number that we can easily compare to another? Or perhaps it’s due to the fact that measuring our success in this way is easy in that it only takes stepping on a scale. Not matter why we do it, I’m here today to attempt to convince you to start measuring your success in other ways.

Before getting to a few ideas on just how to do this, I want to say to all of you that I am not against weighing yourself. Instead, I just simply think that what you put all of your hope in is often what controls you. Putting all of your hope in a number on the scale can be very risky because weight does not accurately portray factors such as water retention, fat percentage verses muscle percentage and other metabolic issues such as hormonal changes. But let’s get to it…

Running/Walking a Mile – This is something I recommend to my clients often. Almost anyone can walk a mile! For this reason, measuring your success by walking or running a mile a few times a week and recording the time it takes you it something almost anyone can do. When you see that each week you are taking time off of your mile, you should surely be proud of the progress you are making!

Body Inches – Just about anyone who has had a gym membership has at some point had their inches taken in different areas of their body. I find this technique to be especially helpful for those who are losing fat or building muscle. It is so rewarding to see that you waist measurements have gone down while your arms or chest measurements are increasing. I also find this way of measuring success to be helpful if you are in a bit of a stalled period in your health journey.

An Activity – There are so many people in this world who are not taking place in activities that they really enjoy. This can be something like hiking, riding a bike, swimming in a public pool or taking a salsa class. Just because you haven’t reached you goals concerning your health and fitness doesn’t mean you should hold yourself back from enjoying life. By taking part in something you have always wanted to, you are pushing yourself to be healthy which most definitely qualifies as making progress.

Cooking & Eating – A huge step for many, many people in their health journey takes place in the kitchen. From choosing to cook more meals, engaging in something such as weight watchers or calorie counting, or even just making more healthy meals instead of your usual grilled cheese… stepping up your game in the kitchen can definitely be a way to measure your success.

Fitting into Clothing – A pair of goal pants is a wonderful idea for measuring your progress. Goal clothing can be anything you want it to be… a pair of pants, a dress, a strapless shirt to show off your tones arms. Any of these things will work and I highly recommend that we all do this regardless of any other progress measures you take! Because lets face it, who doesn’t want an excuse to go get some new clothes?!

Pictures – I think that taking pictures, preferably in the same clothing and the same environment, is a great way to track your progress and success. By doing this, you have something to look at and compare similarly to the way people appreciate the numbers on their scale. With pictures, you can see things such as fat pockets around the thighs, extra padding in your midsection, muscle definition in your arms and many other things that decrease and increase over time. Specially, these things do not show up on the scale so they make as a great way to measure your success!

Success is something that is very personal, is defined differently for most of us and something we should be looking for in our lives daily. Don’t limit your success because you only measure it in one way. Instead, branch out and look for it all around you.


Do you weigh yourself daily or weekly?

DO you find this to be helpful in your health journey or does it at times encourage you to emotional struggle?

What are some ways you measure your success in life?

2 thoughts on “Measuring Success

  1. I think for me right now, the goal is more forming the habit and consistency. I think sometimes the measuring comes too early in the process, and can actually end up being off-putting! Different personality-types, though…!

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