It seems like Frozen Yogurt has been all the rage for about 3 summers now. I completely understand why… it’s refreshing, delicious and a healthier option than regular ice cream.

Frozen Yogurt Guide

But here’s the thing about the last part of the above statement… most people turn this healthy treat into one that is just as unhealthy as ice cream. Add on top of that, that many eat this unhealthy treat so often in the summer (hello every night trips to your favorite yogurt shop), claiming it to be healthy and you can see why Frozen Yogurt can (and has… here, here and here) have a bad rap in the world of nutrition, dieting and health.

Now, this is unacceptable to me. Why you ask? Because I am absurdly¬† pregnant and frozen yogurt (along with cucumbers) is my BIG pregnancy craving. So, where do we go from here concerning frozen yogurt? Well, in my opinion we chalk frozen yogurt up to being a treat that we don’t eat everyday… even if you really think this is a good idea when you are a million months (I’m only 8, but you get the gist) pregnant and your husband is totally in agreement with you that you should eat it everyday. It’s a treat… definitely step one. Next you ask? Well, I have conjured up all of my best thinking on this topic so that we can have a great (and guiltless) frozen yogurt eating season!

Stick to the basics.… it can be VERY easy to be drawn to the delicious sounding flavors that frozen yogurt shops have to offer. From caramel to cookie batter, strawberry and double fudge, as great as these all sound, the truth is that these flavors are packed full of sugar which means extra UN-needed calories. When you go this route, you might as well just be eating ice cream. Instead, stick with the “Original” flavor that your shop has to offer and enjoy it because it really is wonderful.

Don’t fill up…. the cup that is. Frozen yogurt is measured and usually priced by weight, don’t fill up your whole cup just because you can. Instead, attempt to only fill your cup up half way and save some room for your toppings. Most people filled up their entire cup with frozen yogurt and then are slightly confused at the suggestion that they are consuming more than a single serving of their favorite summer treat.

K.I.S.S…. Keep it simple stupid! Just because you can add 25 different toppings to your yogurt doesn’t mean you should. In fact, I try to only pick out two toppings to go with my yogurt. This helps me to fill up my cup with healthy fruit while still enjoying my favorite treat. This also helps me stay away from eating tons of candy while telling myself it’s healthy.

Be honest with yourself… candy is candy, no matter what you sprinkle it on top of. When people add toppings on their frozen yogurt that has chocolate, caramel, nugget and white sugar o/in it, they shouldn’t act as though they are eating healthy things. For that exact reason, I try to stick to fruit but sometimes I do sprinkle a little coconut flakes on top of my favorites which are pineapple and strawberry.

{{ Here is a sneak peak of what my fro-yo usually looks like! }}


I hope that this post only encourages you to make the best decision possible in all situations in life, but especially those concerning your health. We don’t live in a perfect and that’s ok, we can still make the best of it!

Do you enjoy eating frozen yogurt?

If so, how do you prefer it?

What are some of your favorite summer treats to eat?


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