Tone It Up

Are you bikini ready?

Honestly, being pregnant has seriously changed my priorities in life… health has taken over so many words in my vocabulary such as fit, thin, hot, fat and so many more. Now that I have a human inside of me, my goal isn’t to be any of those things or the lack of them. Instead, my goals consist of being healthy and happy, being able to wear my clothes comfortably, having energy, sleeping well, feeling good about things like my skin color and my water intake. I think most moms would read this and think something along the lines of “Welcome to the Club”.

I am very thankful for this change in mindset and although I know that once this little one is earth-side some of those feelings of ‘I want to be fit, I want to be hot’ will come back, they no longer have a home to come back to.

Anyways….. I have just shy of 10 weeks (or so) left in this pregnancy and I am ready to go out with a bang. Well maybe not a bang considering it’s getting difficult to tie my shoes, but you know… I’m ready to say good bye to this pregnancy on a very good note. It seems that every since week 22, my exercise has slowly but surely returned and I have more energy than people told me I would have, so let’s keep this good streak up shall we!

I signed up to do the 8 week Bikini Series (that starts today) through Tone It Up! Now although my goals are different than most of those doing it, I am excited to be joining a community of women who are putting their best foot forward in bringing in the summer months.


Sign Up HERE!!!

The most exciting part of this challenge for me is the no-brainer it is. Every Sunday, this community will be given a a workout schedule for the week. Now, my ab workouts will definitely be modified and my ability to run is pretty much non-existant, however I positive that with a little creativity, I will be able to join in on this fun. I’m not exactly looking to win prizes, break records or be the poster child for this series, but I am looking to be held accountable and feel great with each passing day.


If you are looking to vamp up your workout routine, I highly suggest you take a look at everything that will be happening with this challenge! I’ll be doing daily instagram posts to keep myself in the loop and accountable to the community and you can see all of it here.

I’m really looking forward to giving myself a mental break on the whole ‘how am I going to workout today’ thing all the while staying health this spring and early summer. So…. do you want to join me? Even though it started today, you can still join. After all, all we have to lose are some inches and a few pounds!


Maybe this bikini series isn’t for you, but how are you getting ready for summer dresses and shorts?

Do you currently have any health goals right now that you either want to accomplish for either #bikiniseason or #babyseason like me?


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