Best Health Apps

The world revolves around our phones, or so we think!

I’m not great with technology, it just isn’t my “thing”. My husband on the other hand, well he lives and breathes it! He claims that his upbringing in Albania has made him appreciate technology in a way that I just don’t understand. I on the other hand think that he is a man so his hobbies are limited to much more than me as a female… sports, technology, politics and that it’s folks. At least for him 😉

We have a new rule in our house… Leah get’s a new phone when her current phone dies and that’s it! I can’t switch phones once a year, heck I have a hard enough time switching phones once every two years. I don’t care if the latest and greatest phone is going to predict the future for me and clean the toilet, I’m not getting it because it is just way to hard for me to go from phone to phone, to phone and to learn where things are and how they work.

All of this is to say that today’s post is real… I didn’t just google “Best Health Apps” and string a few words together to make Friday’s blog post complete. Because let’s face it, I am not downloading anything I don’t have to just to take screen shots for the heck of it!

Apps for Health

1. MyFitnessPal – I have loved this website and app for quite some time. I find it really helpful not necessarily to count my calories but instead to plan out my meals. I tend to log my food the day or night before so that I have a plan in place for better success. If you want to, you can definitely count your calories using this app and even join in with others in the community to interact and be held accountable to reaching your health goals.

Attachment 6

2. MapMyRun – Now that I am almost 8 month pregnant, running is a memory of mine. However, I still really enjoy this app… it keeps a record for me of how much I walk and I look forward to popping this kiddo out and getting cleared to start running again come this fall. For anyone who enjoys running, this is a must have app!

Attachment 9

3. Health – Technically, this isn’t an app, or maybe it is but it just comes with your phone… like I said, technology isn’t “my thing”. Anyways, I love that this bad boy has a step counter on it so that when I am running around I can get an idea of how active I’m been in a day. I tend to check it around 4 in the afternoon and if I haven’t been as active as I wanted to be, I just take our dog for a longer walk… she definitely appreciates this app. For me, this is just a friendly reminder to stay active and moving throughout the day.

Attachment 7

4. PopSugar Active – Need a quick workout? Find yours here… this app has a ridiculous amount and types of workouts all for free. You can pick based on time, body group or other details all on this one app. Some workouts are videos you can follow along to while others list what exercises to do along with the when, how and how many. It’s a really great resource if you are short on time and/or planning.

Attachment 8 (1)

5. AllRecipes – I really enjoy my time in the kitchen, it’s where all my creative juices flow. But have you ever looked in your refrigerator to think “What in the world can I make with all of that?”. Well this app my friends will solve this problem! With a matching website, this app has tons of free recipes, most of which include nutritional stats and some even have videos. Best part? You can select which items you have readily available and this app will tell you what you can make with those ingredients! Dinner is saved 🙂

Attachment 7 (1)

What are some of your favorite apps to help you stay on track in terms of your health journey?


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