Non-Toxic Baths

If I am not feeling well, if I feel stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed or tired, my beyond sweet husband will oh so often recommend, and even start for me, a bath.

I’ve turned into my mother and there is nothing that can be done about it. I remember growing up that my mom would often deal with life by taking an almost hot bath. She would slip away, after dinner was over, when the dishes were put away and her kids were not burning anything down to the bathroom were she was almost escape reality and the many pressures of life that were taking place. She would more often than not emerge with a smile on her face and enough energy to finish what needed to be done that evening.

Scratch the whole kids thing, and I’m there!

Unfortunately though, there has been a bit of an internal war that has been taking place within me. You see, I read this post quite some time ago and thought “hmmmmmmmm”, and went on with life. However, in the last 3 months, something else has happened. There seems to be a bit of a water probably in the DC area and it’s orange – yuck!!! The issue has cleared up (in color at least), but I can’t get out of my head the fact that every time I turn on the faucet, I have no control over what is going to come out. I’ve read a few articles in which people from all over our country are complaining about their water and it’s quality. So after reading all of this info and having my stomach turn inside out, I decide I needed to make a plan on how to combat this whole water issue so that my life could go on without major problems.


NT Bubble Baths


Magnesium Flakes – these wonderful flakes help to draw out some of the toxins in water. Magnesium flakes are also a wonderful way to supplement with magnesium in a way that allows your body to absorb just as much as it needs which helps to not create a toxicity issue between your body and this mineral. They key to using the flakes is to use them in warm water and not hot water… warm water allows the flakes to dissolve into the water best and then gives your body the ability to absorb then best. If you are interested in buying these, here is the product I use.

Essential Oils – I have recently bought and started using (topically and via a diffuser) these gems and love experimenting with them. I have the Young Living kit and one of the oils that came with my kit is Purification. This product is great at helping to detox many things and purify, as the name indicates. I use a few drops of this in my bath and loves the effect it has on my overall experience.

Bath Salts – another great way to introduce something great into your bath in hopes of balancing out any chemicals that may be in it is Epson Salts. I prefer this brand and love it. These salts are great for helping the body to detoxify. I find that the addition of bath salts just simply help to boost the overall effect that a bath has on my health.

If you want to read some more creepy information about water, check out this article – When Your Water Becomes Flammable.


Do you enjoy taking baths?

Are you a bubble bath person or do you prefer to omit the bubbles?

I’m currently looking for a bubble bath that smells good, bubbles well AND isn’t filled with tons of chemicals… do you have any recommendations?


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