Cool as a Craving…

So that’s not exactly how the saying goes… It’s more like, Cool as a Cucumber. And that my friends is what I have been. O.K., actually, again this is a bit of a fallacy as well. Pregnancy leaves me at times a little less cool and a little more bent like a fork after taking a ride in the garbage disposal… but that it neither here nor there. Would you believe me if I said that last week I ate 6 cucumbers? They are apparently my “pregnancy food” and my goodness do they satisfy my oh so pregnant taste buds.

Since I have a hard time doing much in life without research the who, what, where, when and why, I woke up this morning and after thinking… “Is it to early to eat a cucumber”, I pulled out my laptop and started searching away to find out what exactly it is that my body finds so gratifying via these long green things.

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The answer…….

– Vitamin K, Vitamin B, Potassium, Magnesium and so much more!

Let’s just say that I’m really thankful I’m craving cucumbers and not cake right about now.

Nature really is a magical thing to me. I find it amazing that the earth we live in is capable of growing for us so many different foods that not only supply us with energy but also do it in a way that gives us optimal health.

This “craving” of mine has really had me thinking more and more about putting optimal nutrition into my body. Because the truth of the matter is, I could get away with a lot right about now. My husband is beyond wonderful and therefore gets me everything and anything that I could possibly desire in the name of “It’s for the baby” and “You’re growing a human”. As wonderful as he is, and as true as said statements are, the other truth is that the machine growing and housing this tiny (S/He is around 2.7lbs right now) must be well oiled and taken care of to properly be used and produce the best products. This cannot occur if I am filling my body with sugar, salt, processed fats and other unhealthy food products.

I had a friend ask me just yesterday if I feel tired, hungry, grouchy, etc., I would be lying if I didn’t say that sometimes I do feel irritated at people. But that might be a personal problem and not a pregnancy problem. As far as the tired and hungry go… well, overall I feel really good. Yes there are times in which I think a bag of salty chips will cure all of my and I.S.I.S.’s problems, but then again I’ve been saying for a solid year that most of those guys just need a good memoir to read and a bubble bath and their life will be looking better in no time. I definitely also go to bed earlier and have this amazing ability to sleep in to 9 a.m. if I let myself. I think these things (probably not the I.S.I.S. part) are to be expected during pregnancy. My life is definitely different than it once was, but it should be.

Why in the world are you reading a blog post that has talked about everything from I.S.I.S. and bubble baths to cucumbers and cravings you ask? For that I have no answer, let’s chalk it up to pregnancy brain or adult A.D.D., or even a case of the Fridays.

What I do know is that we have the ability to put into our bodies everyday really good things, or not so good things. We can choose to use food as fuel or we can choose to use it as a vice to hopefully solve some of our life’s problems. The decision is up to you and I hope that today you choose well! I will be greatly attempting too šŸ™‚

Ever been pregnant? What are some of the foods you craved?

Have you ever considered that what you are craving is actually a secret message from you body telling you it needs something to work well? If so, what were you craving and what do you think that craving provided for you nutritionally?

Want to know more about cucumbers and all the super nutrients they have to offer? Check out this article!



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