DIY Meal Planning Tool

When I first got pregnant, my husband and I were following the paleo diet. We felt really cool, like we were these fancy people who were good and restricting our diets of grains and honestly, we really liked the lifestyle.

Then I got pregnant and everything started to smell… like bad! And just a few weeks later I started puking my guts out on a daily basis. In a matter of 2 months, my husband and I went from eating paleo and running, to him getting take out and eating it in a room far, far away from me.

Because you know, total extremes are great for your health!

Around week 20/22 my vomiting slowed down and has now completely stopped. As wonderful as this has been, and it has been beyond wonderful, the result is me looking at my husband and uttering the same words to him night after night, after night… What are we eating for dinner?

This little rerun episode of Life At The Kuqo’s It has given me flash backs to growing up and hearing my mom say things such as “We eat the same thing for dinner all the time”. It was a common complain of my mom’s and quite frankly I never got it until the last few weeks.

This “problem” only became, well that, a problem when I realized that much sooner than later I will be going about my days with a newborn and said question will only become one I loath. So I grabbed anything in our house that was craft like and set out to figure out how to solve this problem before it becomes a real one. THis is was resulted…

DIY Recipe Card Meal Planning Tool

I now have 28 recipes, one on each index card with the directions on back all together hole punched and on a ring next to my stove. This means that every Sunday as I set out to plan my week, I can randomly, or not to randomly choose 6 or 7 index cards and flip them over to make my grocery shopping list. The beauty of this system is that if I am bored of this activity I can have my husband go through the cards and pick out what meals he would like to eat that week. I could also see this being a fun little activity for kids to get in on. Here is my finished product… but I will walk you through the steps of how I came about doing this entire little DIY project.

** What you will need: 25-30 index cards, a pen or marker, a hole punch and a ring for the finished product. **

1. Start by finding 25-30 recipes that you and your family like. We choose real food or clean eating recipes but more on that below.

Here are a few links of places that you might find helpful when looking for recipes…..


The Kitchen Revolution

Eat Yourself Skinny

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

2. Once you have gathered your recipes, make sure you have an index card for each recipe. Place or write the name of the recipe on one side, and the recipe itself on the other.

pic 1

3. Here is where things can getting a detailed as you choose. Trace over the recipe title with a marker according to the protein used in the recipe. For instance, I used purple for chicken, green for turkey and so on and so forth. This will greatly help in the financial planning aspect of this little project. By having the recipes arranged in this way, you can better plan out your meals and ultimately save money while buy meat.

Recipe Colors

4. Hole punch all of the index cards in the top left corner and place the recipes on a ring.

Attachment 1(1)

5. Keep the ring somewhere accessible, however not someplace that they will get confused as scratch paper.

Attachment 2(1)

Like I stated above, I choose recipes that are all considered to be real food or clean eating recipes. You should choose recipes that fit your lifestyle as well as your health goals. For me, and my family clean eating means food that is not packaged or processed but instead full of real nutrients. As much as I enjoyed following a paleo diet, I don’t see how this would be applicable to the end of my pregnancy as well as the beginning of motherhood. I found that paleo cooking took me much more time than what I will realistically having in the coming months.

What are some of the ways you help yourself out in terms of meal planning and recipe organization?

Do you follow a specific type of eating? Whether clean eating, paleo or weight watchers, what are some of the ways you have streamlined these lifestyles into yours?


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