I Don’t Want To Work Out!

Generally speaking… actually, scratch that! I never wake up in the morning thinking, “Man, I cannot wait to exercise today!”

What do I wake up thinking you ask…. well I’m glad you did!

  • I can’t wait to push the snooze button in 2 minutes… and then again in 7, and in 12 and. Wait a minute, I should probably just turn them all off now.
  • I wonder how many snapchat pictures I have from my sister?
  • When I have a kid, I am going to do the funniest and most ridiculous elf on the shelf poses!
  • I wish I liked coffee
  • I really think I’d be the first person to die in the Hunger Games.

I’m positive that is a pretty accurate representation… no shame here:)

So anyways… since I don’t pop out of bed in the morning ready and excited to exercise (especially not lately), I have to almost trick myself into exercising. And honestly, this is the worst time of year to have to trick yourself into exercising. Think about it… there is no chance I’ll be in a bathing suit this weekend or next, living in D.C. and not knowing anyone means I real don’t see people on a regular basis, and I don’t exactly L-O-V-E thanksgiving food so the chances of me over indulging are rare. So then, how am I pulling off this working out thing?

Well, I’ve kind of gotten back to the basics. I’ve been doing a lot of walking rather than running and am best friends with my hand weights lately rather than doing H.I.I.T. workouts.

It’s honestly been boring yet wonderful!

And quite frankly, I starting thinking. Mainly about why we work out… think about this for a second and give it a good and honest answer. If you weight was never to decrease, and your pants never fit any better, would you still workout?

Go on instagram and you will see thousands of pictures of women who have 14% body fat, defined abs and perfect hair. But what if that never was a possibility, what if you couldn’t reach your goals with exercise? Would you honestly, still take the time out to workout?

Sometimes we need a reminder to go back to the basics and remember just why we are doing what we do… so today, I have for you a list of 5 reasons that you should be working out and not a single one of them has to do with your weight and/or jean size.

5 reasons wo

  1. Improves longevity – in other words, you WILL live longer!
  2. Helps to prevent bone loss (can you say good bye osteoarthritis and osteoporosis?).
  3. Protects you from cancer, heart disease and stroke.
  4. Improves quality of sleep, and quantity as well!
  5. Relieves and reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety!


So is it enough? It should be… for all of us. SO the next time you don’t feel like working out, the next time that run, walk or cardio workout DVD doesn’t seem appealing, take your weight and jeans out of it and think about the basics… think about your health and let that motivate you to exercise rather than your vanity.


















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