Dear Donna

Dear Donna

Sometimes life brings you remarkable people who inspire and motivate you to be a better person. This person is often broken, yet hopeful, in messy situations but full of faith.

This last Saturday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with a woman who was all of the above. She was refreshing and full of love, grace, mercy and dedication. I left this conversation with this amazing woman with a new hope for my coming marriage. I left this conversation hoping to be a gentle and vulnerable woman in the name of Love and in the name of God. She made me want to do the hard things in life so that I could be a little bit like her… a strong yet beautiful woman who’s love for righteousness radiates out of her.

This woman’s name is Donna, and when I looked up the meaning of her name, I was in a to say the least. The name Donna is of Italian origin is a term meant to explain a woman, but not just any woman. The name Donna is only used to describe women who are respectable woman, and that name my friend is beyond fitting for this woman.

The thing is though, that Donna isn’t the only woman I know who is doing hard things in life.  Donna isn’t the only woman I know who is a woman who deserves respect.

Donna is you… a woman who lays down daily her desires and wants for the needs of those around her. Donna is the mother who is breastfeeding when her baby is a year old despite the fact that she could be spending that time painting her nails, doing laundry or spending time with her husband. Donna is the wife who cares for her husband in his poor health despite the fact that he hasn’t always been kind to her. Donna is the woman who always answers her best friends phone call even though that phone call almost always ends in tears over life being, well life. Donna is the sister who drives you to the doctor when you are to sick to take yourself there. Donna is you!

The thing is, that in our society… Donna’s aren’t celebrated. Woman in general are not encouraged, uplifted and loved the way they should be for all that they are doing. But that hopefully stops here. I am terribly excited to announce that with the help of a follow blogger and through the inspiration of Donna, every Thursday, here on my blog, there will be an open letter to woman who are doing hard things. My goal is to provide a space in which any woman, at any time, can come and feel appreciated for the hard things she is doing in life. Dear Donna is a way for us to provide support to women everywhere who are giving their all for others and her are being respectable and loving women.

So back to Donna, the original Donna that is…

Dear Donna,

Thank you for being a role modal of what love is. Thank your ro showing women everywhere that love doesn’t stop when passion stops, but instead real love, true love only begins when passion ends. Thank you for giving of yourself everyday in the name of God and His love, grace, mercy and patience. I look up to you and your willingness to be full of faith and hope in a situation where many would give up. Your strength and dedication to marriage, family and righteousness is something that should be praised and spoken of in a way that brings glory to God. Thank you for being you!
Women everywhere!

If you would like to join in, if you would like to celebrate the Donna’s in your life, please contact me and I will get you all the information needed to be a part.






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