Strep Throat, Saying Good Bye and Showers

Two weeks ago, I was doing Ah-MAZE-ing! I pretty much felt like…


I had been exercising like a beast… my eating was the picture of perfection and my wedding to-do list was getting smaller by the second.

That my friends was oh-so short lived my dear friends… in fact, lately, I’m feeling a little more like this…


About a week ago, a small tickle in my throat became something much more than just that. Like most woman in America do, I ignored it… that is until it stopped me in my tracks. I ended up having strep throat.

After (like the next day) being given antibiotics and a steroid pack, I picked back up on life. I had my amazing friends wedding to go to and thoroughly enjoyed it!


And then 3 days later my handsome man and I found out some pretty exciting news… he is moving to the Washington D.C. area for a job that is beyond amazing and something we have been seriously praying about and for.

Right after he called to tell me that they want him moved and starting his new job in 2 WEEKS, I pretty sure I looked like this…


I was slowing talked off the edge by my wonderful mom and brother and had some awesome time with this little girl!



For the last year I have dreamt of living in Nashville and making memories there… I have thought about how Nashville will be that place we were first newlyweds and how we enjoyed life together in a slow placed world were kindness was given by ever stranger we saw. I kind of secretly wanted to have babies there and make it this place we traveled as a family often to once we moved back to Michigan. But in the snap of two fingers, all of that was gone. To say that I have been having a hard time imagining our lives in fast paced and public transport D.C. is an understatement. But then the goodness of God was shown to me yet again this weekend when my parents threw the fiance and I an unbelievably amazing wedding shower.


I was, and still am overwhelmed by the love, kindness and generosity that everyone showed us this weekend. Between words of advice on marriage, cast-iron pans (be still my heart), mooshy babies giving sweet wet kisses and enough laughter to make anyone forget that they are moving to D.C. before they move to Nashville… well, I realized something. With that guy by my side as well as the love and support of the amazing and wonderful people in my life, we can do anything!

These people… they have no idea how they have touched my (our) life and we are soooooooooooooooooooooo greatful to them for their kind and encouraging words, unconditional love, support and willingness to come visit us no matter where we live. From the deepest, most reserved place in my heart, THANK YOU!

10366275_10154141205330436_4089866835914660398_n 10273841_888574792622_3967731237796797833_n

10268488_10152436950222044_3438932849300832441_n 10171023_10152279705416877_840115684652954279_n

The Fam & Grandma Leah, Mom, Dad & Jeromy For Jeromy's Birthday 2013

579845_10150891005437044_457404408_n IMG_20140506_184750

I am growing more and more excited to start this wonderful journey with my main squeeze in the D.C./Virginia area. Today we are headed off to Nashville and later this week we will be going to D.C. to check it out. I intend on taking way to many pictures of the area and dumping them all on you later this weekend.



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