Growing Up Green Festival

I am always amazed at the stories of strangers. About a month or two ago, I met a woman at a bridal shower who I have become fast friends with.

Through her, I met her sister Nicole. Nicole is a mother of 3 whom is extremely passionate about health as well as natural living. She is putting on a pretty amazing festival next month all about living a green and natural lifestyle.

I was recently able to catch up with her and got some pretty amazing information about how she got this rather large project of hers started and what the real reason behind her doing so is. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and meet my friend Nicole!

Mother, daughter and son planting flowers together.

Nicole and her business partner, Courtney are putting on a festival right here in the metro-Detroit area called Growing Up Green. The festival will be held July 26th, at Packard Proving Grounds right on VanDyke in Shelby Township.

1. Why did you feel it necessary to start this festival in the metro-Detroit area?

My business partner, Courtney, and I were having a really hard time finding the resources and services we wanted to support our more natural lifestyles. We felt like we had to dig so hard to find the information we needed and that it shouldn’t be so hard to be healthy.

2. At what point in your life did you turn to natural living and why?

I started learning bits and pieces when I was pregnant with my first baby about 5 1/2 years ago. I learned that midwives still existed and that whole wheat pasta is something you can get used to. Since then it’s been a slow change but in the last year our eyes have really been opened more and more to complete natural living.

3. What is the greatest testimony you have of this lifestyle change?

Quite simply, it may have saved my husband’s life. Eric had a reoccurring infection that came back for the third time. The first two times it was very resistant to antibiotics and put him in the hospital for a week. The third time we decided to try essential oils. We used oils, garlic, no sugar, pro-biotics, and some other things and the infection was gone within three days.

4. What are you looking to be the outcome of this festival?

Our goal is to make natural living approachable for families. When we dream about the festival, we see families sitting on blankets, listening to island music from the band, people walking around, enjoying awesome food, and kids doing yoga on the grass. We want people to find the local raw honey they’ve been reading about on pinterest. We want the mom who’s tired of hearing about fluoride to find her holistic dentist. We want kids to find handmade toys and learn how good food helps their bodies. We want people to have fun and be empowered.

5. Why should people come to this festival, what should they expect to see/hear/read?

One big reason for people to come to this festival is because two moms are hosting it. We know what is fun for families and what is stressful. Our kids will be there and we want them to have a great time too! There will be classes and activities that are all free through the day, wonderful food, and a live steel drum band. It’s a great chance to come in the morning for some farmer’s market foods and come back again at night for the music.

6. What activities will their be to make this a family/child friendly event?

We will have kids yoga and nutrition classes, some animals, face painting, games and crafts, and a lot more!

7. If individuals want to get involved, how can they do so?

There are a few ways. We’re still looking for companies to sponsor the festival so we can do even more. We are still welcoming vendors (the more the merrier!) And we need volunteers. The applications and forms for all those are on our website at We also want you to come out with your families and tell your friends!

8. If you could give one piece of advice to a family who wants to start living a natural and green life, what would you tell them?

I would say to take it slow. Do one thing at a time and do it all the way. We are still very much on our journey and still have changes to make but we’ve come a long way.

9. Tell us one fun fact about you and your family!

We LOVE to be outside. Whether it’s a beach or our garden, we could practically live outdoors. Well, maybe if the mosquitoes disappeared


I love specifically a few things that Nicole said… she and Courtney want to make this lifestyle an approachable one to families. I honestly believe that this festival will do just that!

I also love that Nicole and her family have personal testimony about how this lifestyle does in fact help to health individuals spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is so important for us to be whole and healthy people.

But most of all, my favorite part of what Nicole said is her advice on how to start living a natural and green lifestyle… her response is to take it slow. So easily we can become overwhelmed by fads and new lifestyles that we get burnt out. Nicole also said that her and her family are still on this journey to a green and natural life and it’s important to remember that we will never be through with this journey.

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