#tkrgoes veg week 3

Hi friends… week 3 of the summer challenge to eat more vegan and vegetarian meals went pretty well.

As a whole, this week was terribly busy. I had my usual schedule that included helping out my grandma, watching the little chickedy that I have in the afternoon and the home health care position I have in the morning. I also had my niece once this week (pure bliss I tell you) as well as had the chance to hang out with my cousins two kiddos quite a bit this week. My cousin and her husband had the opportunity to head over to Europe for the week (how lucky are they!), and their two little pumpkins got to spend the week between both sets of grandparents. I am very close with my aunt (their grandma) so I got to hand out with them.

I found myself thinking “oops, I think this last meal was supposed to veg” pretty often this last week and as a whole was thinking on my feet trying to come up with something vegetarian or vegan pretty quickly. But at the end of it all, I was able to pull it off.

As a whole, I am finding that a lifestyle, whether vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or just clean eating requires planning and preparation if it is expected to be successful. I don’t necessarily think that being a vegan or vegetarian is necessarily harder than being a meat eater, however do see the perks of following the Standard American Diet and just winging it when it comes to meals.

So lets get to it…. what exactly did I eat this last week that was vegan and/or vegetarian?

tkrgoesveg wk 3

Meal 1 : Mediterranean Quinoa Salad… my goodness was this delicious! I will make sure to post the recipe for this within the next few days. It was so nutritious that I didn’t get hungry for about 4 hours. I love when that happens because it helps me not only stay energized but it also keeps me satisfied. I will make sure to post this recipe in the coming days.

Meal 2 : Cranberry-Starwberry frozen yogurt. I made it myself… it was beyond amazing and the recipe is below. You are welcome 🙂

Meal 3 : When I decided to start this challenge, I started researching almost immediately a few easy things that I could make if I had a busy week all the while attempting to stay true to this challenge. As previously stated, I had a busy week. These small but oh so yummy black bean taquitos from Trader Joe’s more than did the trick.

Meal 4 : This sweet spinach salad is to die for and a re-make of one I had from Trader Joe’s. I think I will be doing a Summer Salad post in the near future and will make sure to add this to the list.

Now onto the recipe for some beyond delicious frozen yogurt.

O.K. friends…. everyone loves frozen yogurt, but let’s be honest it really isn’t any healthier for you if you are loading it up with toppings. When ever I head down to Nashville to see my main squeeze, we get frozen yogurt. It is an absolute favorite of his and my waist has been begging me to come up with recipe that will not only satisfy his sweet tooth, but also my health conscious mind. Well I did it! With only 5 ingredients, I was able to whip up a delicious treat that I promise you will love!

Strawberry Cranberry FroYo


  • 6 oz. of Non-Fat, Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 4-6 Frozen Strawberries
  • 1 Cup of Frozen Cranberries
  • 1/2 of a fresh Banana
  • honey (optional)


  1. In a food processor, mix all ingredients together. If you are using honey, make sure to add it in as well.
  2. Place mixture into a freezer safe container and place in your freezer uncovered.
  3. Every 15-20 minutes, check on your frozen yogurt and gently mix.
  4. Once your yogurt is the consistency you like (mine took about an hour), remove from the freezer and eat.
  5. If you are making this and want to store it, it should last up to a week in a well sealed container. It will taste better fresh, and you may need a blender or the food processor to “bring it back to life” the longer you keep it frozen.


Have you been following along with this vegan/vegetarian challenge? If so, how has it been going for you up to this point?


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