Hello Friends, this is a post that I wrote some time ago… but with the summer approaching, I felt it was good to share it again. Below is a post all about water and why it is important to be drinking enough of this miracle liquid. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you don’t mind me post this again.

Everyday I'm Guzzling

Water…. where do we even begin?

– Our bodies are about 60% water (source). With out adequate water, function cannot happen at the proper rate, efficiency and effectiveness.

  • lungs are 90%
  • blood is 80%
  • brain is 70%

– We lose water when we urinate, sweat and even breath (source).

– When we lose water we also lose vital minerals and/or electrolytes (source).

– Although we can get some of our water intake through other beverages, some of the chemical aspects of substances in those beverages can actually be dehydrating (alcohol, sugar, caffeine). Thus these drinks often cancel out the water intake considered from those beverages (source).

– Illness also factors into our water intake needs as symptoms can often dehydrate us as well as the fact that extra water is often needed for immunity efficiency (source).

– Adequate water intake increases your metabolism as well as decreases calorie consumption (source).

It’s vital for our health and we already know that, but let’s be honest… it’s a touchy subject. Some people tell you to drink 8 glasses a day while others hand out a formula that includes your weight to get the answer. Whether your only water comes through the form of fizzy drinks or you are throwing back 100 oz. a day, water is vital to us.

Stressed? Drink more water.

Tired? Drink more water.

Retaining water? Drink more water.

Trying to lose weight? DRINK. MORE. WATER.

When people ask me how much water they should drink, my heart felt response is to drink so much water that you crave water tomorrow. I don’t give out numbers, because well I think they are crap.

Please forgive me dear math for speaking so negatively about you…. I love, I always have and always will but sometimes you get in the way of people living healthy. Think, the number on the scale, the whole calories conversation and now water intake.

I’ve had enough of the numbers game and I am suggesting that today we all drink water… so much water that you think you may get “in trouble” by your boss for going to the bathroom too much. Then tomorrow wake up and ask yourself, “Am I thirsty?”. If the answer is yes, then drink as much water tomorrow as you did today. If the answer is no, well drink more water!

Some days, I drink 150 oz. of water without thinking twice. Generally speaking, those are days I do a lot of running/sweating, this may also have to do with caffeine intake, hormone levels and even the previous night’s sleep. All of those same factors are often the reason if I only drink, oh… let’s 80 oz. of water one day.

Do you know why it’s OK that my water intake fluctuates in that way? Because every day I drink plenty of water, and I drink it until I am no longer thirsty. My body fluctuates, and it is not a constant therefore my water intake isn’t a constant.

I do think it is important to monitor your water intake and make sure that it is somewhat suitable for your weight. By this I mean that a 200lb. adult man should not be drinking 25 oz. a day and think that is acceptable. The 5 year old I take care of drinks more than 25 oz. of water a day so you should to! Therefore, I can appreciate the formula and 8 glasses golden rule that so many people “swear” by. However we should all be going a step further, listening to our bodies, paying attention and thinking for ourselves.

So dear friends, I leave you with this today… go drink water. Get up where ever you may be and go get a bottle/glass or whatever other method you would like to use and fill it with water. Drink it. Guzzle it. Sip it. Just drink it! And when you are done, go get more. Keep getting more until tomorrow morning. Allow your body to have so much of this beautiful thing that you crave it tomorrow. If you crave water, drink water. Before you know it, you will be drinking water based on your bodies need for it! Who would have thought that maybe our body knows how much water it needs. Amazing isn’t it!

Please note that these instructions are NOT for those who drink enough water currently. Instead it is for people who drink soda every day and enjoy multiple cups of coffee. If you are drinking your far share of water, which can be somewhat checked by the formula and/or 8 glasses rule, continue drinking water and feel free to disregard this post.

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