#tkrgoesveg week 2

my vegan summer

Hey there everyone! So week one of #tkrgoesveg went pretty amazing and happened BEFORE I posted the introduction post (found here) last week. So technically, I have a double photo dumb for you today. I also wanted to talk a bit today about some of the benefits of including vegetarian or vegan meals in your diet. So let’s dive in!

#tkrgoesveg week 1

Meal 1: Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit! I loved this meal because first off it shows that even thought I didn’t go vegan with this meal, I still accomplished something which is….. going vegetarian. I also think that this meal shows that a lot of us already do have vegetarian meals in our diet but we just don’t realize it. So in retro-spec, this meal makes this challenge a little less scary.

Meal 2: Dehydrated and Salted Snapeas. So if you don’t know this, I’m a snack-er. Finding a snack that is healthy and vegan is not easy, but I did it! Snapeas, or any vegetables for that matter are the perfect snack for this challenge!

Meal 3: Tabbouleh…. tabbouleh is delicious, nutritious and vegan. If you make it yourself, you can cut out any yucky oils that may be in the stuff you buy from the store. Also, if you don’t have any gluten allergies or grain preferences, you can add this to a cracker, slice of bread or on anything else you can think of really!

Meal 4: Deliciousness… just kidding it’s actually a slice of Ezekiel bread, with avocado smeared on top, sprinkled with chia seeds and topped with tomatoes. I cannot tell you how amazing this is. You seriously need to eat it!

#tkrgoesveg week 2

Meal 5: The best sandwich ever… this is going to be a recipe on my blog here shortly. I little hint though about what is inside, sprouts, avocado, hummus and quinoa.

Meal 6: Ezekiel bread with almond butter, sprinkled with chia seeds and topped with thin banana slices.  I’m telling you friends… chia seeds are my new fairy dust. Gosh, they deserve an entire post one day, and I have a feeling that will be happening sooner than later.

Meal 7: Tea and chocolate… I swear this has been my somewhat saving grace these last 2 weeks. Every night, or close to it, I sit on my porch for 20 minutes and drink tea while eating 2 tiny squares of vegan chocolate. It has been my me time when I think about the next day and plan it out. This also seems to cut any cravings I have and leads me away from snacking.

Meal 8: A raccoon… just kidding, I definitely didn’t eat a raccoon. Instead I are a salad of green peas and chickpeas. Again, this was amazing and I will be posting the recipe in the near future. I had posted a picture of this meal on instagram but lost it 😦

The reason I put that picture of that baby raccoon is because the night before Memorial day, my brother found and rescued this little girl and between my black shirt and apparently raccoon colored hair, she and I bonded and I’m pretty sure she thought I was her momma at one point. Long story short, you will probably read a post in the future in which I tell about how Coop yelled at me that I need to stop feeding the raccoons…. yeah, she changed my life.


So let’s talk about some of the health benefits of including vegetarian and vegan meals into your diet… did you notice anything about my above meals? They were all relatively low calorie, yet extremely nutritious. You see, when you are giving your body all of the vitamins and minerals it needs, as well as carbohydrates that can fuel you, fats that can be absorbed by your cells and protein to help your many body systems thrive, your body is less likely to crave things. Add on to this that you are doing it for cheap (caloricly speaking) and you are more likely to maintain a healthy body weight all the while thriving physically.

As I stated in this post… I am not trying to convinve people that eating animal or their products is bad. Instead, this challenge is all about becoming more aware of our eating habits. So how about you? Did you attempt to go vegetarian or began for any of your meals this last week? If you did or plan to join in here, make sure to post pictures of your meals on social media using the hashtag #tkrgoesveg.

Happy Eating everyone!






2 thoughts on “#tkrgoesveg week 2

  1. Thanks for sharing! All of those meals seem surprisingly easy to make. It would be easier than I thought to go vegan or vegetarian for a day.

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