I have a lot of ideas in this head of mine. Suggesting that about 80% of them are off-the-wall would be pretty close to accurate. I have dreamt planned about everything from adopting children and animals, to volunteering my life away in Africa… but not just any kind of volunteering, I really wanted to do it on a boat. And although those things sound noble and as if these ideas of mine should continue, those are just the “pretty ones”.

At one point in my life I was planing for a trip in which I would backpack throughout Europe for a month without any plans (or people) and literally only one backpack. I also decided at one point that I wasn’t going to have children but instead just get a lot of boats and water toys.

Then there was that time I decided to ride my bike 25 miles in one day after not being on a bike for about 5 years. This little personality trait of mine isn’t new… when I was much younger, about 8 or so, my parents got me American girl dolls for Christmas, and rather than playing with mine, I had this grand idea of saving them so that they would some day be collectables. I still have them to this day.

To no ones surprise, last week I had my latest decent “idea”. It came from being around some really cool people who are passionate about the environment and the toll we have on it as individuals. From recycling and chemical use, to meat consumption and biodegradable diapers, I was inspired to say the least. So inspired, that I decided to try something I have always promised myself and the world that I would never do…  I decided to try being a vegan for the day!


The result was a delicious green pea and chickpea salad as well as the above hashtag. After eating the salad (it was amazing) and realizing that maybe getting out of my comfort zone for the summer isn’t such a bad thing… another idea popped into this brain of mine!

** What if I ate a few vegan meals every week… I wouldn’t be going completely vegan, just enough to open my eyes to the lifestyle as well as venture into the world of beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables and super grains.  Maybe I could do this every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Maybe twice on Monday’s in honor of Meatless Monday… maybe I will fail at this – but who cares, this sounds fun! **

At least that’s the conversating I had with myself in my head… so I’m doing it!

I figure that this will be a great experiment for me to depend a bit more on foods that are nutrient dense all the while being light and fresh for these summer months. I am also really excited to learn more about how eating meat and other animal products effects our environment. In fact, this is what I have learned so far about said topic!

  • Livestock are fed grains (soybeans, corn and wheat) that are grown with large amounts of pesticides which are known to reek havoc on the environment. (site)
  • 149 million acres of cropland are used each year to raise livestock, if this cropland was used to grown produce, it would be enough to feed 800 million people. (site)
  • A 2009 study found that four-fifths of the deforestation across the Amazon rainforest could be linked to cattle ranching… this translates to less natural air production and environmental homeostasis. (site)
  • The consumption of to much meat is directly correlated to high risk of cancer and heart disease. (site)

I genuinely have no intention of becoming a vegan long term… it’s hard, but I think that I can definitely change the amount of meat I eat as well as the ways I get it, not to mention all of the other animal products I am consuming. I am not trying to convince anyone of becoming a vegan, nor am I suggesting it cannot be a healthy lifestyle. Instead, I am suggesting that we all become more aware of our eating habits.

So join the party… if you are on pinterest, you can find me at kram_hael to follow along with all my meal postings, you can also search #tkrgoesveg for my posting as well as any other participants on instagram and twitter. If you want to find me on instagram you can do so at tkr_leah and on twitter at the same name. If you want to participate, make sure to use the hashtag above so that your meals can be looked at for inspiration as well.

I am shooting for 4 vegan meals a week, but you can do whatever you are comfortable with! Also, shooting is the key word… I promise not to be to hard on myself 🙂

If you are a blogger, feel free to grab the button I have below and link up on Mondays when I will be sharing with everyone what 4 vegan meals I have had the previous week! Remember that you can’t fail at this… this isn’t a competition and this isn’t about anything more than you being more aware of your eating habits all while having fun!

my vegan summer

If you plan on joining us, leave a comment below. If you already participate in a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle share with us any tips you have below as well. Maybe you have some concerns about giving “my vegan summer” a try… let us know what those are and maybe we can help each other over come some fears. Also, if vegan seems to extreme for you, consider trying vegetarian meals here and there this summer… just remember to stay in touch so that we can all inspire and motivate one another.



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