My Body Is

According to our society, our body’s purpose is to measure up. We are compared to (by ourselves and others) models who have been hand crafted and photoshopped, we are compared to the other moms who pick their kids up from school, to the moms who work while we stay home, or those who stay home while we go to work. Our bodies are valued only by measurements, pounds, inches and cup sizes.

But all those things… they are lies!

My Body Is

My body, your body, is a beautiful thing that supports others. Your feet walk you through life and allow you to be used. Your legs, whether large or small, long or short, carry you to people, places and experiences. Your hands are the things that touch others, feed them, clean up after them, pray for them and help guide them. Your face… it may be wrinkled, have acne scars, “beautiful”, or just “normal”… but your face is the thing that makes people feel safe and at home. You face is the one thing that can calm your child during a bad dream, make a client feel at ease during a difficult business project, make your husband feel like his long day at work was all worth it and make your parents feel warmth, proud and joy.

Do you ever think about these things? When you are comparing yourself to others, do you think about the value of your body? I didn’t even mention things such as child bearing! How about when you feel like you are being compared to others? Do you place the value on your body that it deserves?

This isn’t a self righteous and prideful thing, this is truth.

After seeing my sister-in-law carry for 9 months my niece, then give birth to her, breast feed her, wake up with her many many nights and care for her in general… I started to realize that this is more beautiful then any thigh gap, clavicle bone being shown, perky set of boobs or toned muscles.

Your body has the purpose of showing love… whether to your children, family members, or even in the professional world. You are not a machine that should look and feel a certain way, but a beautiful human who shows and gives love!

Don’t compare yourself today to something other than yourself. But even in that, appreciate your body for the value of what it really is, in this season of life and even in this moment.


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