Treating Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Signs you may be suffering from seasonal allergies…

  • When answering your own phone, people are surprised that it is in fact you because “it doesn’t sound like you”.
  • You wake up in the morning to find a plethora of used tissues near your bed.
  • People who are around you all day make a drinking game out of your sneezing.
  • You get Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday confused with each other because, well… you just aren’t sure what day it is anymore.
  • You cant wait until 5p.m. because that is when you get to take your next dose of anti-histamine.
  • You say to your brother “I want to remove my head from my body” in hopes of relieving some of the pressure headaches you have been getting.
  • People tell you that you look tired…. like all the time because your eyes look terrible.

This last week has been a bit runny for me… all of the above things have taken place and up until 2 days ago, I was ready to dress up like a bear in hopes of tricking people into letting me hibernate 6 months early. But then, my ever wondering mind got the best of me… after a few hours of reading journal articles, I came up with a hearty list of treatments for my seasonal allergies that I thought would be effective AND inexpensive.

They worked…. all of them! Or maybe only one of them did and the rest just didn’t make me worse…. I’m not really all that sure. I am sure however, that I am feeling better and it isn’t because the rain has stopped. No, it definitely isn’t because the rain has stopped. But I’m not complaining because remember, we all decided after experiencing the winter that never seemed to end, that we aren’t going to complain about this spring and summer!

I figured if I am experiencing these terrible seasonal allergies, some of you may be as well. I am also assuming that this weather (and the pollen) will not be getting any better, so these natural treatments have a fabulous chance of becoming my best friends.

seasonal allergies

1. Apple Cider Vinegar: You have heard me say before that our immune system lives in our gut! If you think about allergies and what happens when you are sneezing, coughing and scratching your eyes, you realize that seasonal allergies are a negative immune response. Apple Cider Vinegar however can greatly reduce this immune response due to the large quantities of enzymes it has in it. These enzymes help to balance your gastrointestinal tract and provide a better foundation for your immune system to live on. And this my dear friends results in less negative immune responses, A.K.A. seasonal allergy symptoms.

2. Vitamin C: Also known as, a natural antihistamine. I’m not a fan of medicines such as claritin and benadryl. Why, you ask? Well first off, I’m a terrible light weight and just 1 benadryl will knock me out within 20 minutes of taking it and leaves me drowsy for at least 24 hours. Also, when I was younger my allergies were just as bad as they are now, in fact some mornings my mom would have to wake me up with warm towels on my eyes because of how swollen they were. Anyways, all of the antihistamines in the world didn’t solve my seasonal allergy problems and now I am holding a grudge. Fortunately for me though, I have come to learn (and love) that vitamin C is an antihistamine that actually does the trick!

3. Dairy Free Diet: Dairy in the human diet is know to help increase mucus production. This has been known for many years, you may recall your grandmother referring to this fact at some point in your life when you were sick. Anyways, when you are already a little snotty from allergies, mucus is not something you want more of. Although omitting dairy from your diet will not salve any of the root problems here, it will definitely help you worst allergy day become a moderate allergy day.

4. Raw Honey: The key to this one is RAW and LOCAL honey! You see, the allergens you are struggling with, generally speaking come from pollen. Honey is made from bees who collect the pollen in your neighborhood. If you can get some of that pollen and allow it to be infused into your immune system, you will be able to build immunity to that pollen and potentially cure your seasonally allergies long term! What? Yes… it’s true! If you don’t believe me, check out this article on the subject.

5. Water: Drinking up this allergy season will help your body to flush out everything that needs to leave your Holy Temple! The more you drink, the faster your body can rid itself of toxins which will result in more mild symptoms and faster recovery. The water that is in your tea counts as your water intake but only if you aren’t loading up on sweeteners in it… other drinks such as soda and coffee count against your total water intake so make sure you are drinking plenty of H2O.

6. Garlic: First off, I must say that I LOVE garlic… so this remedy was very easy for me. Scientifically speaking, garlic is a natural antibiotic. A lot of people complain about pressure in their face comes allergy season. That pressure can lead to a sinus infection. When this happens, antibiotics are needed if you want to get better. The beauty of adding garlic to your remedy list is that as you get through the allergy season, you are warding off and keeping up with the battle of a potential sinus infection which will keep you ahead of the game in terms of having to go on any antibiotics. Garlic has many other healing powers, to read more on this check out this blog post.

7. Citrus: Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C, think oranges, lemons and limes. These powerhouse foods also contain something called antioxidants and do the body much good. Antioxidants help to detoxify the body, not in a severe way, however in a consistent and healthy way. By including citrus into your diet this allergy season, you can help your body get rid of any of the unneeded toxins that are in your body leaving it better equipped to fight off the allergens.


I found that of all the remedies I have listed here, that the Apple Cider Vinegar was the one that offered me the most immediate results. By mixing 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, with 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of local raw honey together every morning and drinking it, I saw my allergy symptoms decrease drastically.

How about you… do you suffer from seasonal allergies? What do you find to be the most helpful natural way to prevent and treat them?






2 thoughts on “Treating Seasonal Allergies Naturally

  1. I was just looking for natural allergy remedies online yesterday. I take allegra every day but don’t feel like it does much. I am trying essential oils (I read that lemon, peppermint, and lavender help with allergies) but I’m also going to try your ACV/Lemon Juice/Honey remedy above. It sounds like a good one. I hope your allergies continue to subside!

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