Mother’s Day Gift Guide and Give Away

I used to be a very price specific gift shopper. I would often run into a store less than 24 hours before I was to give a gift and pick out $X worth of stuff and call it a day. The result was that I never felt good about the gifts I was giving. They were never very personal and I also felt a bit blahhhh about giving gifts.

Lately however, I have changed my gift buying style a bit. A price point still exists, however now I think a bit more about gifts. I try to buy the gifts that I will need in May, in April. And it’s just fine because the gifts that I needed in April were already bought in March! I know that a lot of people would look at this logic and immediately speak “I don’t have time for that”, and that is fine by me. Because, you see, I LOVE giving and receiving gifts, therefore this is something that matters to me.

Anyways, since Mother’s day is in less than a week, I thought today would be a great day to give a few ideas to all those last minute shoppers about what to buy for the mom in their life. I tried to keep this guide realistic for the mom receiving all the while still beng thoughtful and even a bit health conscious. So let’s see what I pulled together, shall we?


Mother's Day


1. A flat of flowers: I love this because it get’s the mom in your life outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, relaxing a bit and making her home a little bit more enjoyable. Of course, not all moms like to garden, however if yours does, I highly recommend gifting her with some beautiful flowers. If the mom in your life is a flower lover, consider taking her out for the day to pick out flowers she likes at a flower show. She will love the time with you a little bit more than she will love the flowers.

2. Anti-aging Serum: I find that all moms are a bit conscious of the changes that have been taking place on their faces. Although beauty is ultimately in the beholder, it also now comes in nicely packaged containers. Unfortunately though, many products out there that are anti-aging contain harsh chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. Give your mom the gift of healthy and beneficial anti-aging skin care with a product that is free of para-bans, alcohol and detergents.

3. An essential oil starter kit: Essential Oils are the new hot thing. For moms who are always interested in healthy living and self-healing, this is the gift to give. Essential Oils are naturally found oils that when applied correctly, can help the body to self heal from all sorts of ailments and sicknesses. If the mom in your life is quick to try new things, consider buy her an essential oil starter kit.

4. Gift certificate for a maid: I don’t care if the mom in your life is young or old, a clean freak or a bit of a messy body, all woman want help cleaning. A gift certificate for a maid service, whether just once or regularly scheduled will make any mom smile. The nice thing about this gift is that is can help in daily cleaning or a specific project. I promise this will be a real hit with your mom.

5. A fun and fresh apron: If your mom is anything like mine, she loves to be in the kitchen cooking up a meal for everyone and anyone who walks through her door. A fun apron would be a great gift if you are on a bit of a budget all the while still making your mom feel special and loved. If you are looking for a place to get an apron from, check out etsy or other online shops.

6. A massage: Now that I am a bit older, I look back on my gift giving years and often wonder, “why haven’t I gotten my mom a massage for every present that I have ever given her”. The gift of massage will help your mom relax and for that she will be very appreciative. This gift is also great because she can schedule this around her busy and not-so-busy days – if moms actually have those.


To celebrate all of the hard working moms out there, I will be giving one mom the apron that you see above. To enter this contest, leave a message in the comments below telling all of us what the best ever mothers day gift you have ever gotten was.



3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide and Give Away

  1. I saw you had the doterra oil starter kid on your site for a gift idea! I use these oils a lot and love them. If you ever have any questions or want to try some out let me know. I can get them at wholesale price! The three in the strayer kit are still my fav after trying out a handful of other ones tho!

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