Peanut Butter-Jelly Time

  • Growing up, and I mean as a teenager, my dad would wake my sister and I up by singing (it wasn’t really singing) this song to us ever now and again. I HATED it! As in loathed more than anything else my parents bothered me with. In fact, I am going to actually suggest that I was slightly scarred for life with this song and I will now blame it for my difficulty waking up in the morning to this day! I can do that right? Probably not!

    Although I hate to this day that song, I don’t hate, and never never plan to… peanut butter. I love peanut butter. It is delicious and creamy and sweet without being the kind of sweet that hurts my stomach… it’s wonderful! I also love almond butter, cashew butter, and the oh so wonderful nutella. If you guys haven’t noticed yet… there isn’t much I don’t like in the kitchen!

    Lately however, these spreads seem to be a bit controversial! You know, only in America can we take nutritious foods and make them out to be bad guys of some sort!

    Anyways, nut butters are controversial and specifically, a specific kind is getting some heat lately.

    It’s called PB2 and it is a powder which you can add milk or water too, to create a peanut butter that has 90% less fat but all the flavor. The magic that is PB2 happens by dehydrating peanuts and then grinding up what is left (the fat is gone) and then re-constituting it so that you can use it.

    I {kind of} recently got an email from my bff Jessie asking about it, and this is how things went down.


    What do you think about this?? I’m so confused on what is healthy and safe anymore! Grrrrrr lol

    hey girl, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you… I flew in from Nashville on Tuesday and my dad has been in the hospital since. It’s been quite the week… anyways, hmmmm what do I think?

    I think this lady needs to get off of her soap box. I think that our society calls people fat, then tells them to go get healthy, then when they are getting healthy, they tell them that they are doing it wrong. I’m so sick of it! If you (anyone) needs to use PB2 or low fat ice cream or any other “fad” or “diet” food for the TIME BEING to help you get healthy, well… do it! You are getting healthy, not poisoning yourself. Is PB2 the best thing for you to eat? No, but we don’t live in a perfect world so use it… it isn’t going to kill you and quite frankly I’m sure food babe’s intentions are good but she seems to get’s off on “sticking it” to the food industry. I’m not suggesting that our food industry is God, but there has got to be some give and take other wise we are just going to have more social groups/classes over food which is a serious joke!

    Use the PB2, use the low-fat milk (que the diary haters), use Ezekiel bread (now the paleo people will protest)… just use these items with lots of whole, real, living foods. If your weight is where you want it to be and your are ready to switch to an all natural cashew or almond butter, then do that. See, what food babe doesn’t understand is that PB2 is cheaper than all natural, organic cashew butter and you get to eat more of PB2 than you would get to eat of the other. Both of those things are legitimate and good arguments in my opinion… so eat the PB2, just realize that eventually it is in your best interest to switch to something a little more whole. Eventually!


    Now, please understand that food babe’s arguments (that this isn’t a whole food, has added sugar to it and may have chemicals in it) are valid. However, what food babe and a whole lot of food activists often forget is that the food industry and nutrition is based on people. People who struggle to keep a balance in their life. Despite the thought that fighting for a cause will help people, sometimes, it confuses and frustrates people and then instead of trying to make good changes in their life, they just sit back and eat another bag of chips.

    As a nutritionist, I have to remind myself that my “audience” is everyone from a 50 year old man who despite have gastric bypass surgery, he can’t keep the weight off, or how about the 17 year old girl who is trying to lose weight for her prom. There are moms who are attempting to lose weight that they gained during their 2nd or 3rd pregnancy and people who have the long term goal of getting off all of their medication.

    Nutrition, diet, exercise and food isn’t a “black and white” subject. I would love it to be, oh how I would love it to be… but it isn’t! We don’t live in a perfect world, we never will, so let’s stop pretending we do and that we are all perfect.

    Eat the delicious peanut butter friends!

    If you currently use a tool or resource, whether food or something like a pedometer, to stay on tract in your healthy lifestyle attempts, share in the comments what it is below and how you use it! Maybe your comment can encourage someone else to start being a bit more resourceful about their health journey.



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