Back to the Basics

I have a question for you today… how do you balance it all?

“it all”, for some of you is work, school and friends… for others, it is children, marriage and church life, and for others it’s health, family and finances. No matter what it may be, how do you balance it all?

The reason I ask this question is because, well honestly, I’ve been having a terribly hard time balancing it all. I would love to suggest at this point that my failed balancing act is because I have too much on my plate. Except that there are many, many people out there (probably you) who have more on their plate, and you either crash daily or you figure out how to balance on some days and then not balance quite as well on others.

This question has lead me to a bit of  researching, list making and more questioning.

The other night, I was talking to my fiance and he said to me “Leah, stop thinking and go to bed. And if you can’t sleep, decompress”. I replied with “Honey, if I wanted to decompress, I would first need to google How to Decompress“. I know, I know… it doesn’t need to be this hard. My parents have told me my entire life that I over think things. Except that I positive that others feel the same way I do. I think that as a whole, the American population is over stressed and sleep deprived. So today, I am suggesting that we all go back to the basics a bit and, well… decompress a bit!




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