It’s no surprise to all of you that I believe food has the power to heal us and to kill us. This last week, my family encountered this theory of mine first hand. It was, for some of us, scary, while for others, just what needed to happen.


My dad, mom and their grand baby Olivia!

Last Saturday ( a week ago), wile I was out of town, I called my mom to find out that my dad was sick. She told me hat she wanted to take him into the hospital but he didn’t want to go. She then asked if I could talk to him, and I did. He faked out conversation well and I wasn’t sure what I thought when I got off the phone with him. By Monday morning, my dad was terribly sick and on his way to the hospital. When they (my mom took him) got to the hospital, my dad had consumed nothing in the previous 5 days and had next to nothing to drink. His test came back that he was severely dehydrated, had extremely high levels of ketones in his blood and was being admitted because he was about 48-72 hours away from his kidneys shutting down.

Looking back, the doctors all agreed that his lack of attention to his Type 2 Diabetes along with a virus of some sort, is what allowed things to play out they way they did in his body. My dad remained in the hospital for a little over 48 hours, and after some fluids, pain medication (he did have as mall kidney stone) and proper sleep and diet, his vitals returned to normal ranges. All of this did however come with the direction from his doctors to start on insulin injections regularly.

I was with my dad when they told him he would need to start taking the insulin shots (this was after he was seen by the hospitals dietitian) and after patiently waiting for the staff to leave, I told my dad that I didn’t think that was necessary treatment. I told him that I knew he could change his lifestyle and reverse this disease. I told him that with the help of myself, my mom (who cooks his meals) and the dietitians instructions, we could take this challenge on and devour it.

After some very specific and thought out words with his doctors, we were able to convince them that they should give my dad a chance to do this without the insulin. And guess what… my dad is home and by only eating a diabetic friendly diet, his numbers are all down to almost below normal. We honestly believe that when he goes back to the doctors that they are going to take him off of one of his medications. He goal is to get off another in a month.

Today I was talking to him on the phone and he said this to me “This isn’t about diabetes anymore, but about the fact that if I eat right, I can live the rest of my life without being on medication”.

Do you guys even understand what that does to my heart? We don’t have to be sick… do you truly and completely understand that?

I am currently helping 4 individuals who either have been diagnosed with something that requires medication or see themselves heading down that road. These people have made the choice that they don’t want to except what doctors are telling them and they believe that by living, eating, sleeping and thinking in different ways that what society says, will help them reach their health goals. And guess what… they are! Each one of them are reversing their diagnoses and are beating the odds. They are coming off medication and feeling better everyday.

We don’t have to be sick.

We are not only allowed to feel good, but we are worth it.

I hope everyone who reads this is having a wonderful day in which they feel good and are loving their life.

If you aren’t, contact me… let’s talk about how you can feel the best you have ever felt in your life. Without spending tons of money, without taking pills… but just by eating right and sleeping a bit more.

Let’s stop being sick!


One thought on “Diabetes

  1. Excellent! I’m so proud of your dad and so very proud of you. We are on the road to living our life instead of others dictating how we spend our days. We know and believe that as long as we continue to stop, think, ask questions and research information, we get to control how we live and how we feel while we’re living. Thank you and keep up the good work. I’m hoping that at the end of my days, I’m going out with my boots on!

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