Healthy Flying

healthy travel

I have been traveling (flying, regularly) for 6 months now. It has been a learning experiment for me and today I realized I wish I would have known then what I know now. To be honest, my heart goes out to those who travel often. It definitely isn’t the easiest things in the world to do, but I’m learning that it cannot only be done, but can be done without disrupting life and the goals you currently have for life to terribly.

When traveling, I now plan out the day before I fly, the day off and the day after relatively precisely. I find that doing so allows me to see my travel days and use them successfully as a transition day. Now, this may all seem somewhat dramatic, however I promise it is not. Quite frankly, the more responsibility you have (children, work, deadlines) the higher the chances are that flying regularly can become a negative experience.

So let’s get to things…

The day before I fly, I do the following… pack, clean, laundry, make sure I am not leaving anything in my refrigerator that will go to terribly badly, clean out my car, change my bed sheets, and check the weather. I also work on these days so in hopes of getting some sort of sleep, I don’t do the following… workout, hang out with friends, have long conversations on the phone, watch tv, read books or cook.

The above leaves my travel day itself to look something like this… wake up, workout, shower, get ready, pack my bag(s) into my car, and make sure to get to the airport 30 min before I should be there (which is an hour). By arriving early to the airport, I allow myself to get some “work” done. This work that I do is planning out my time away from home. Do I have any homework or deadlines due while away? What will my workouts look like that week(end) and what will I be eating throughout my time away?

Again, this may all seem premature and dramatic, but I promise that by knowing what is happening during the unknown, you can better navigate your time away from home in a way that still reaps beneficial to you.

Once I am on the plane I do a few things. Since I fly delta, I first look through their magazine. This is done for 2 reasons… first is that I can’t use my laptop while ascending and descending, and second is because their main article, generally speaking, inspires me to work a little bit harder at achieving my goals. Once the fasten seatbelt light is off, I pull out my laptop and start working. This may be anything from planning a menu, doing some homework, planning a new project or drafting emails.

Once I have finished my work, I start making friends. I know that some people are not talkers on planes; however I am not one of those people. I like to talk to those around me and I like to learn about them… what makes them tick, what they do for a living, what they great accomplishments are in life. You would be surprised how open and honest people are on planes. By the time I have run out of questions to ask my neighbor, my plane is usually landing and after the exchange of business cards, I am walking through the airport again.

My big rule about the day I land is to not stop till it’s time to sleep. This means that I am usually off to work, the gym, or to see my parents. I make sure not to allow myself to think that these days are days in which I can “cheat” on my healthy lifestyle with sodas on the plane, snacks at the airport or fast food while driving to and from places on my “fly days”.

The day after I get back home, life goes on as if I were in town that last week(end). The nice thing about being in control of my schedule and healthy lifestyle when traveling is that it gives my life a much more fluid movement and this helps me stay on track.

I love traveling, I love flying and I love that I can do it all without interrupting my life too severely.


Do you travel often?

If so, how do you go about it without interrupting your life to terribly?

What would be your top 3 tips on how to travel in a healthy and effective manor?



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