I am doing it!

Happy Monday 🙂 I am in Nashville and loving (more than I could possibly explain with special characters via my keyboard) this weather. It is beautiful here, the sun is shining and I only need a light jacket. Glorious I tell you!

While in Nashville, I have seriously conquered some goals of mine… so naturally, I couldn’t wait to share the news with all of you!

Goal number 1 – Run… in this post, I shared with you my fear of running on a treadmill as well as my strengths and weaknesses that I for saw going into it. Well friends, with the help of a lot of consistency and drive, I have smashed this goal of mine after a solid 7 weeks of work. Not once, but 3 times now, I have ran on the treadmill for an hour without stopping. The first go at it, I completed 4.82 miles in one hour. The second… 5.01 miles and the third, 5.04! I can not tell you how amazing I felt after these runs. When I say this, I definitely do not mean I felt good physically. However, I felt like a beast mentally. My goal from here on out is to continue running for an hour (3x a week) until I am up to 6 miles. Once I hit this next goal, I am registering for a half marathon.

Goal number 2 – Register for our wedding shower! I’m not going to lie… this one almost didn’t happen. With all the things to do for a wedding, asking people to come and give me gifts is the last thing I want to do. However, this weekend… on a total whim, my fiance and I went at took care of things at target. Then we went the next day and redid everything because I changed my mind on how I want our home to look. Needless to say, this ever so daunting task has officially been checked off my list of “to-do’s”

Goal number 3 – Have a cheat meal/day responsibly. Food is my friend more than it s my fuel. It is a problem that I have been addressing and this weekend, I felt like I made some serious progress. So this is how things happened… after a killer run on Friday (5 miles), I told my fiance that I was seriously craving dessert (on Saturday). We then proceeded to get in the car and drive to the corner store. We loaded up on, well, garbage! Tons of garbage… kit kat, snickers, ice cream, gummy life savers, carmello, twix, Doritos and sadly, more! We went home and I ate a proper serving size of ice cream then packed up the rest in a bag and it is still sitting there. Tonight, my fiance convinced me that we should get take out and after eating less than 1/2 of mine, I was done. Honestly, this accomplishment is two sided for me… after all the running I have been doing, I have a hard time undoing it with food. And also, I have been craving healthy food… think grilled chicken, berries, pineapple (I could eat it forever) baked veggies and sooooooooooooooo much water. When I did eat the ice cream, I got a headache and tonight’s take out was terrible (in my opinion) because of the way it made me feel. Which is sleepy! Anyways, all of that to say, I feel like I can pick food to be my fuel instead of my friend and life is better this way!

What goals have you been placing in your life lately and how has the journey to accomplish them been?

Running on the treadmill has been a HUGE accomplishment for me, what is one of yours and what new goal did it inspire you to set?


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