Lent & Grains

If I could only pick two things that my dad taught my siblings and I growing up, I would have to say the following… how to appreciate good music and to ALWAYS talk about politics and religion at the dinner table.

In general, my dad told us that religion is a great thing. He taught us to embrace other religions and denominations not so that we could “convert” but so that we could be more understanding, intelligent and compassionate people. My dad was friends with Mormons, Catholics and Baptist people and told us that we should be too. He would say that by understanding where their view points and morals came from could only help us grow and develop our own opinions.

I’m not catholic… my mom grew up catholic and my grandmother (whom I live with) still is today. And like I have in past years, I am participating in lent. I think it is a great opportunity to reflect on your own life and to be thankful for things and people around you.

This year, I have decided to give up grains for lent. I am not doing this because I think grains are bad or killing me. I am giving up grains because I love them, they are comfort food to me and I probably rely on them to heavily in my diet. In my opinion, when we give something up for lent, it should be to reflect on what your rely on, and what we should be relying on instead. Lent, to me, is a time to be thankful for your spiritual walk (mine is with God and His son Jesus) and a traditional season to reflect on the balance of your spiritual life.

For me, giving up grains does all of that while challenging me physically and mentally to rely on my spirit.

For this season of lent, I will be focusing on learning about food through the words of my bible. I will be reading and journaling daily about what food is meant to be, and what I make food out to be. I will be focusing on prioritizing food appropriately in my life. This can be, at times, a struggle for me since it is my passion, job and what I write about daily.

I am also certain that giving up grains for these 40 days will push me mentally to think up new recipes that I usually do not consider and brain storm about.

Over all, I am looking forward to this challenge and am excited to see where my strengths and weaknesses in this process.

Do you give anything up for lent?

Maybe you don’t, but maybe there is another period throughout the year in which you have fasted for religious reasons.

If so, how has your experience been?


One thought on “Lent & Grains

  1. Great post! I am giving up processed foods/desserts because I use them for comfort and need to rely on God for comfort instead.

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