Crunch Time

Good morning (or afternoon, or evening) everyone and welcome to March! Every year, March comes around and I feel a bit of “rush” come over me. I often feel like March is crunch time and as if life kicks into high gear. Besides spring being just around the corner (or so they say), March is also National Nutrition Month and near the end of it comes my birthday. Therefore, March becomes a “NO CHEATS” month for me.

Happy March

I was thinking, and am hoping, that some of you will want to take on the challange of March with me! Here is how it is going to work! March will be a month that we continuously, as in everyday, look at our eating habits and try to clean them up over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Everyday, the focus should be on things like portion control, quality over quantity and finding fresh and clean alternatives to foods such as “butter” spray, sugar free or low sugar drinks and bread.

This is all in hope that with the coming of spring, we can feel better about ourselves so that we can get out there and enjoy the beautiful world we live in.

Now, when I say it is a “NO CHEATS” month, I mean it! Every Friday during this month, there will be a giveaway and the only way you can enter it is by posting either on facebook, twitter, instagram or here in the comments below what your workouts were that week.

Although we shouldn’t be working out hard everyday of the week without any breaks, I am going to challenge myself and you to workout hard 4-5 times a week and then to be active on your “off” days. This can be done by taking your dog for a walk, going shopping and making sure to walk a few extra laps in the mall or store, by taking your kids to an indoor play center and playing with them instead of watching them or even doing for a leisurely swim at a local indoor pool.

And if you live or are visiting somewhere that has great weather, then your possibilities are endless.

Let’s really focus on us this month. It’s a great time to re-prioritize, look back to those new year goals you possibly let fall to the way side and either get back to things or make some new ones.


I saw a quote the other day and it definitely spoke to my day and quite frankly last week. I won’t get into it, because well, it’s over and not a big deal however this quote has stuck with me since!

Expect and Eat

No matter how poor or rich you are, how healthy or unhealthy, how much time you do or don’t have, or any other factor, life is going to happen today. We can either let the life happening effect us in a negative way or we can be prepared for it. Take it as it comes and think of it as the unknown that you already planned for! Let’s expect problem this week and take care of them from the get go by preparing for them.

Happy Monday friends and pop on back tomorrow to see a great and healthy doughnut recipe!


One thought on “Crunch Time

  1. Love this idea! I was planning to really focus on cutting out processed foods so this will be a good motivator and reminder to examine my food choices daily!

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