Free For All Friday

If there is one thing that I could give you to make this weekend a bit more enjoyable as well as a bit easier, it would be free meals. I however, cannot do that – cue sad music. I can however, give you recipes, a grocery shopping list and a menu for this coming week that is based on the American Medical Associations standards for healthy weight loss. So that is what I will do. Mainly because I love all of you and want for you all good health, but also because I love Friday’s and their promise that I can have a bit of a lighter schedule for the next few days.

I hope you can if not use all of this, find some of it healthy. Remember to leave comments or emails if you have any questions about the recipes, individual meals or need help making this work for you and any food preferences or food allergies you and your family may have!

FFAF Meal Plan

Click on the links below and download the documents to use at your discretion.

Grocery Shopping List

How To – Whats In

Meal Plan Week 2



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