Hey there friends… Happy Wednesday! I don’t know about you but Wednesday is by far my favorite day of the week. It’s such a prize to me to be going through all my to-do lists and then for Wednesday to come along and be the best cheer leader I could ever ask for. I feel like no matter what happens on Wednesdays, it’s ok because we are half way through!!!!!!

This morning I woke up with a headache. Not an “I ate sugar headache” or an “I’m stressed headache”… this headache is much more focused yet still dispersed all over my head. It feels like it’s the kind of headache that has been lingering for 4 days now even though it hasn’t. It doesn’t at all feel like a condensed pressure building. Anyways…. for me, headaches are a message about my food. This headache has preservative written all over it!

I want to talk to you about exactly that this morning…. preservatives, and especially chemicals in our food. Have you recently heard about the whole Subway issue? If not, let me sum it up for you…. It has been found that Subway was (they have vowed to stop now) using a chemically in their bread that is not supposed to be there. This chemical is found in other places, like yoga mats, the soles of shoes and other rubbery materials. So why was it in the bread at subway? Because, people in America like their bread stretchy, sticky and chewy… and Subway was able to meet their costumer needs by placing this chemical (called¬†Azodicarbonamide) in their bread.

To make things worse, this chemical is linked to respiratory issues. When you consider that our first lady (whom I respect) is suggesting that subway offers the ideal meal for children in their Kid meals, we have a bit of an issue. Children have immature immune systems and their respiratory system specifically can be compromised easily. Enter Azodicarbonamide, which is known to cause asthma and allergies, and we have one very serious problem on our hands as parents.

So am I suggesting that we all never eat subway again, that we boycott all bread and live a Paleo diet lifestyle? Absolutely not! I for one do not live in a perfect world in which eating out is something I can never do again. And despite my own issues with wheat, yeast and dairy, well I still find myself eating some of it here and there.

What then do we do to protect ourselves from all of the garbage in our foods?

Well, I think the first step is to let our government know that we aren’t ok with this type of nonsense happening over and over. Let’s face it, you and I don’t have the power to change the world (our world yes, but the entire world not so much), but our government does! If they want to come down on these big companies and enforce that they give us products that benefit our health rather than harm us would be an amazing thing on their part. And although one phone call to a congress man, or a signature on petition doesn’t seem like it will get us anywhere, it actually will.

A petition, is how subway was taken down on this issue by consumers.

The next thing I suggest we do, is realize that our food in this country isn’t the best. It’s filled will chemicals that whether we want to believe it or not, will in fact harm us. Although we can’t spend our entire lives reading ingredients list’s that we can’t pronounce and then googling those to see if we should be eating them, we can add 2 salads to our menus every week to attempt to get in some extra much needed nutrient. We can also cut out things that we know are not good for us… like diet soda, smoking and frying foods in vegetable oils. Also, start moving more and drink water!

You and I can’t live in a perfect world no matter how hard we try, and we aren’t going to overtake the food industry in this country either. Our government, although they do us much good, does not seem to care about our food, so let’s stop pretending that they are going to set us up to make wise, educated and good decisions about our food. However we can make small wise decisions every day to make our health a priority as well as a positive and reward-able journey.

If you look just below this blogs title, you will see my favorite saying in the world “Change your life by stepping in your kitchen”. I believe that to be true, and concerning today’s post, it’s especially true. Not only is getting in your kitchen with loved ones to prepare meals mentally, emotionally and psychologically good for you, it is also safe. When you are making the decisions of what is in your food, nothing is hidden. The ingredient list, the calorie count and the overall taste is completely up to you!



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