So frustrated. I haven’t been feeling good, so I planned that as soon as my husband walked through the door, he was on baby duty and I was going to take a long, sweltering hot bath. So, like the good husband that he is, he scooped up Mia and fed them both dinner. I, on the other hand, began to fill my large bathtub. I started with hot water only, but then it became too hot, so I started running the cold water with it. I got distracted trying to make a good playlist and light candles that by the time I checked the temperature of my bath it was freezing cold. Furthermore, when I went to turn the hot water back on, come to find out; there was NO MORE HOT WATER! I still get upset even thinking about it. So then I tried the shower thinking that maybe I can still get a hot shower and steam up the room to relieve the pressure in my head and my congestion. Nope. No hot water there either. So, there I am, standing in my robe and shaking from my slight fever. I’m FREEZING!!! SO, with the little energy that I have left I put all my clothes back on and then some, grab some fuzzy socks, along with my slippers and fuzzy long overcoat and head to the kitchen to make my favorite tea. There I am, searching for my favorite tea only to find out that I ALREADY USED THE LAST TEABAG! At this point I did let out a little scream. I just wanted  to feel warm and for something to go right. Thats when my husband walks over to me and offers to give me a foot rub. I begin to settle down and I am reminded of how important human touch is.

I was readying an article on  that gave a powerful example of infants and the need for touch. “Babies who don’t receive human contact in their first days or weeks of life often suffer from health problems related to this deprivation. They can exhibit a failure to thrive, a condition seen in orphanages among children who did not receive enough human contact when they were babies. Newborns denied physical contact with other humans can actually die from this lack of contact, even when provided with proper nutrition and shelter.”

I thought that this was very interesting, our need for touch, love, and affection. Which brought me to the conclusion that when trying to manage stress, one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves and for the ones we love is to Love through Action. Is your significant other feeling stressed, how about a neck rub? Is your mom feeling overwhelmed, how about offering to give her a mani/pedi and throw in a hand or foot massage? If you don’t have someone who can show you love through action, how about managing stress through getting a massage or going to the mall to sit in those massage chairs. I know that personally massage can be one of the most powerful tools to help me relax. I guess my conclusion is that I am very thankful for my husband. He helped me to let go of my stress one foot run at a time. So remember today to be intentional with those around you and to seek ways to show Love to the people who are in your life!




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