5 Favorites


Hey friends… today I have for you a video, about my favorite things recently. This took me FOREVER to get up and working, and honestly it never would have happened if it wasn’t for my sister.

Before we get to the video, I just wanted to do a little check in for all of you. As I said in this post, this year for me is all about making my lifestyle a healthy one based on what makes me feel and good. This means that there has definitely been some trial and error so far this year however it has all been leading to me understanding what makes me feel best as well and how my body works over all. This isn’t the first time I am saying this and it won’t be the last…. we are all so very different that different people do best on different diets as well as with different exercise regimens.

This week has been busy since the kiddo’s haven’t been in school and my workouts have been a bit different than usual. This has lead to some bloating and over all fatigue. For me, this has been a great reminder of what works for me and what doesn’t. The more snacking I do, the worse I feel… one snack a day for me (usually around 3) is about all I can handle. I also thrive on cardio every day, even if only for 20 minutes. I am loving my strength training 3 days a week (H.I.I.T. style) and feel like it is really changing the shape of my body. S at this point, me attempting to workout like someone else would be counter productive and you should feel the same way. Gve your unique body what it needs!

My eating has been all over the place this week. It hasn’t necessarily been bad, but definitely not consistent. I have had a bit of an upper respiratory thing happening and my taste is definitely off. This can and will be improved hopefully starting this weekend.

Now for the video… these are the thing I mention in it.

5 Favorites

And here my friends is the video.



2 thoughts on “5 Favorites

  1. I have been wanting to get to Trader Joe’s – I’ll have to try and go next week and check out that garlic. Also, I never thought about putting pineapple in my smoothies. I never knew it was that good for you. Thanks for sharing your favorites 🙂 I liked the bloopers at the end, too.

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