Healing Powers

I don’t think the kiddos are ever going back to school (today makes for the 7th snow/cold day this month)… I also do not think that people are ever going to stop getting diseases.

In this last week, I have heard story after story of people, both young and old, who have been given diagnoses that are either a death sentence (in their opinion) or extremely life altering. I am begging and pleading for people to start eating healthier and moving more. I think the food we are eating is causing great consequences to our health and I just wish so badly I could go with each and everyone of you to the grocery stores to help you buy food and then take you home to teach you how to cook these new healthy foods. I have heard of young 22 year old moms being diagnosed with kidney disease, a slightly older 20 something mom who has been diagnosed with thyroid disease and a hormonal disease, a teenager who has been diagnosed with M.S. and a middle aged man with bi-polar. Sadly, this bad news will probably never end… but I still believe we can make each of these lives healthy and much more enjoyable if only out nutrition is taken into more consideration.

Now onto today’s post…

Have you ever wondered how people treated infection, virus and bacteria 400 years ago? I have… in fact one day after being given a high dosage of antibiotics for a re-occur issue I was having, I thought this very question. How was bacteria, infection and virus treated 400 years ago, and this question was accompanied by, why am I having a re-occurring health issue at such a young age? With a little research, I found out that not only was my re-occurring health issue directly linked to the consumption of yeast (what M.S.G. is made of) but I also found out how these types of illness where treated.

So what’s the answer you ask…. Garlic!

healing powers

You see, garlic is natures power food… and it doesn’t taste to bad either. SO much so that before the introduction of antibiotics in the early 1900s, garlic was even used to treat tuberculosis. The super nutrient in garlic is something called Allicin and it is found to be 15 TIMES more effective than penicillin. Garlic has been reported (in medical journals) to have killed not only bacteria and viruses but also the over population of yeast in your gut, MRSA, and parasites. It is also stated to being anti-tumour (helps kill off tumors), anti-hyperlidemic (helps to lower lipid levels) and anti-microbial (inhibits growth of micro bacterial in the system).

So how do you use this potent bad boy to help your health? You eat it… yes, it is as simple as that. You crush up a clove of garlic (it’s easiest in a food processor) and let it sit for 5 minutes. This allows all the enzymes and properties of the garlic to really come out of the garlic for better absorption. Then you scoop up the garlic in a spoon, drizzle some honey on it, and eat it!

No, it isn’t the most delicious thing to eat but it most definitely helps. In fact, I do this when I’m feeling run down, way before I grab for any medicine. I promise it always takes care of things by the time I hit the snooze button the next morning. Also, when I met and started dating Coop… he had the worst immune system ever. He would easily get sick once a month. One winter for about a one month stretch, I had him juice before he would go to bed and right in the morning when he would wake up as well as do garlic immediately after eating dinner about 3-4 times a week. His immune system, ever since then, is about one million times better. In the last year he has only gotten sick once (for a whole 24 hours) and it was immediately following an extremely stressful week. And even that bought of sickness was like nothing in comparison to what he used to be like.

Do you use any home remedies or natural agents to fight of illness?

If so, what do you use?

P.S. I have a bit of a cold right now, hence this post. Stay warm everyone and stress less!


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