Drink The Coke


  • 1.7 billion servings of Coca-Cola products are consumed each day.
  • Despite the myth, teeth and coins will NOT dissolve overnight when soaked in Coca-Cola.
  • Coca-Cola was created in 1886 by John Pemberton. At the time, he was only selling 9 glasses a day.
  • In 1985, Coca-Cola was the first soft drink to be enjoyed while in space.
  • Coco-cola was never green, however once upon a time, the glass bottle it was served in was.
  • Every year, so much Coca-Cola is consumed in America that the sugar consumption would be the equivalent of every American eating 10.8 lbs. of sugar.
  • Coca-Cola has 2.8 million vending machines, which is enough to fill up 4 Empire State Buildings.
  • The Coca-Cola company claims to have made the image of Santa as big, jolly and dressed in red.
  • The term “Coca-Cola” is the 2nd most widely understood in the world… after the term “okay”.
  • The Coca-Cola company produces over 3,500 different beverages.

I may be a bit passionate about coke. Why you ask? Well, it was my first word! Next to the usual dada and momma, coke was my first real word as a young tike. In fact, my first real words in general were a bit unusual for a big eyed, blonde hair, smooshy toddler. A few of the other words that graced my oh-so delicate lips included “shit” and “damn”. All of these 3 words were and still are thanks to my wonderful aunt.

Anyways… you can’t blame a girl who speaks of the product so passionately as a toddler, for still loving the drink as an adult. Can you?

I often feel bad for coke… it get’s such a bad rep! People leave it behind and then tag along with it’s younger brother Diet Coke because they think he won’t make them fat… they think he is better for them. But he’s not! And let’s not even get into the topic of coke’s weird step brother coke zero… let’s just say I often imagine him as a Dale Dobak (from stepbrothers) kind of character and diet coke as Brennan.

I find them both to be inefficient and stupid!

You see, I am not one of those “don’t drink soda” people. Instead, I am a “drink soda when it counts” kind of person. I am a “don’t drink diet soda please-please-pretty-pretty-please don’t” kind of a person.

Ok, now I know that the last 2 or 3 sentences of this rant I’m calling a blog post probably didn’t make much sense to you, so let me explain… drinking soda when it counts means doing so in celebration. Take for instance my wedding (in case you wanted to know, it’s in 223 days – happy dance)… I will not be “gracing” the dance floor with anything but a coke in my hand. Why you ask? Because I LOVE coke and I don’t drink it often. Instead of guzzling this fizzy party of a drink often, I save it for things like New Years, my birthday, girls night out and other special and rare occasions. I make my coke drinking experiences, count!

So now that I have explained that to you, you would probably like to know what my big beef is with Coke’s little brother diet coke. It probably won’t be much of a surprise if I start talking about artificial sweeteners and how bad they are for you. However, there is something else you don’t know about Diet Coke and Coke Zero… they contain something called excitotoxins. What in the world are those you ask? Well, they are really just the combination of aspartame and caffeine. The reason they are so bad for you is because they go into your system and excite all of your brain cells… then they kill a few off! Yes, they kill off your brain cells.

Now let me please explain something to you. I have the attention span of an eight year old. Take right now for example… I am blogging, planning my wedding, emailing some clients and texting my sister. Now when I say this, I don’t mean I’m doing all of these things today… I mean I am doing them all at once. As in, I type a paragraph here, then do an email, type some more, send a text and so on. All of this to say, I don’t think it would be good for me or the world if I start getting my brain cells all excited then kill them off.

But that’s not it friends… there is more to the dangers of diet coke than just excitotoxins. Did you know that many pilots don’t drink soda? It’s true, and if you don’t believe me, read this telling testimonial on the subject. The complaints from pilots (in general speaking terms) is that these drinks, containing aspartame, gives them negative neurological symptoms such as seizers, induction of vertigo and adversions to other food additives.. Thankfully, our wellbeing is taken into examination, considering that neurological symptoms could lead to great disaster when pilots are responsible for our safety in the air. But let me ask you this… why isn’t our well being taken into consideration at any other time concerning aspartame?

Let’s honestly think about this for a minute… the consumption of aspartame is looked down upon in the pilot world because they are responsible for us getting safely, in the sky, from point A to point B – and some times point C if you have a lay over. So what about all the other people responsible for us throughout the day… like a little kids mom, or a taxi driver? How about the school bus drivers and the people who draw your blood at the hospital? Better yet, what about the teachers or YOU? Why is it ok for all of these people to put others at risk whether physically or in some other way by drinking something that can do so much damage? Think about it… is this drink worth really worth it?

One last thing… aspartame leads to weight gain. I talked about this in this post, but I’ll recap quickly. Aspartame, although calorie-less tricks our brain into thinking it is getting sugar. Since our brain can’t tell the difference, it then craves more sugar (what it lives off of). So although you think you are drinking something for zero calories, you are causing yourself to crave sugar. And as we all know, sugar equals weight gain.

Although some companies trick us into believing that diet soda is associated with voluptuous Columbian women (Sophia Vergara)… it’s not. Instead, it get’s our brain excited, kills off some of our brain cells, gives us neurological symptom and then makes us fat! Great, right?

So drink the coke, or pepsi if you must (although I don’t recommend it). Just don’t do it every day, do it when it counts. But definitely do not, no matter how bad you want to, drink diet soda!

For those of you who are addicted to diet soda… here is what I recommend: cut your consumption in half and start drinking more water. After a week or so, do it again! Then, start drinking the real soda once a week, and on the day your drink the real soda… don’t drink the diet. Slowly, remove it completely from your diet. Don’t do it in 2 weeks, not even in 4. Do it slowly, as in over the next 6 months, consciously decide that you don’t deserve a product that impacts your life in such a negative way.


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